My Favorite Bravery-Building Networking Tip For Actors

Bravery-Building Networking Tip For Actors

My Favorite Bravery-Building Networking Tip For Actors

Once upon a time, on New Year’s Eve actually— a group of friends and I got together to prepare goals for the new year, sip champagne, and celebrate our expected successes for the coming year.

Being the absolute dork that I am, I prepared some pretty little sheets to help us get focused during our little goal setting party. I’ve also included a game I made up called THE 50 QUESTIONS GAME.

The questions game is the PERFECT exercise to remind you that so many possibilities exist for you in the world if you go looking for them. It is also the perfect way to get used to asking for what you want and building up an immunity to the word “No.” A “no” is just another step closer to a “yes”— and if you look at the laws of probability… you WILL get some “yes” answers to some of your questions.

Here is how you play.

On a page you write out the numbers 1-50– each number on a different line. Then for each number you need to come up with a person and a question/request for that person. You can ask ANYONE but all questions should be things that would either cultivate great joy for yourself, open up an opportunity, or make a new connection.

I think the game is most successful when you have a mix of personal questions that would make you happy, new things you’d like to learn about, and career focused inquiries.

In your 50 questions… ask people you admire for a coffee… or 5 mins of their time for a specific reason (the key to an answer is be specific and don’t require TOO much time of the person). Ask for someone to make an introduction for you. Ask for a backstage tour of the zoo. Ask to be a free set of hands to watch how they work and help someone you admire for the day. Ask for an audition for the upcoming season. Ask someone if they’ll donate to your project. Ask someone if they need volunteer help on their project. Ask someone for advice. Ask someone to read a chapter of your book or a few pages of your script. Ask someone for feedback on your reel. Ask someone for something– anything! Ask someone out to dinner. Ask someone what books have inspired them. Ask someone how they got to where they are. Doesn’t matter what you ask or who you ask– but you NEED to ask 50 questions.

When you commit to doing this, you will get some surprises. Some people won’t answer…and others will. Either way, you will get something you didn’t have before. Part of the fun is waiting to see who responds and what new relationships are cultivated during those responses. Nothing lost by asking!!

So get out there and get asking!

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Photo Kindly by Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash.


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