How to Close Out 2018 and Jump-Start the New Year

What should you REALLY be doing before 2018 is over?  We have a few thoughts… I love a good list, so here is my 2018 CLOSE OUT list for Actors– filled with my top suggestions on what you should be doing before the year is out.  These aren’t the only things– but this is enough to get you moving during an already busy holiday season.

2018 Close Out List

  • Order postcards for the new year– announce something!  A new gig, a new picture, a quote about your work- something exciting.  Nothing to announce?  Create something!  Get new headshots!  Launch a podcast!  Stop waiting for life to happen to you and start HAPPENING to your life.  Our friends at Reproductions can help you with this one.
  • If it’s time, schedule your next headshot session.  New hair, new look, grew a beard, been a while, last headshot not getting you in the door, you’ve got smile lines now– all of those reasons are good ones!  If you can shoot before December is over– all the better!
  • Write the list of CD’s you want to know your work.  You hear me say this a lot but it really is THAT IMPORTANT.  Know who is casting the shows you are interested in right now.  See if we have them on our 2019 schedule and sign-up for class ASAP so you don’t miss out on learning from them.
  • Practice your self-tape game.  This part of the industry is NOT going away.  Luckily– we are here to help so you never have to do it alone– but you still need to know how to get a good shot in the shortest amount of time possible.  Work that muscle.
  • START WRITING.  The emerging trend we are seeing in NY, ATLANTA and ESPECIALLY LA, is the rise of the ACTOR/WRITER.  Start writing work for yourself to fill in those moments between jobs. Use the holiday to collect some ideas for episodics, shorts, films– just get out that laptop and start typing away!
  • Write down your goals.  ALL OF THEM.  Professional, personal, physical– get ’em all on paper and put it in a place you can look at all year long.  This needs to be done before that ball drops– so you can start your momentum Jan 1.

Where to Go From Here

The work that happens behind the scenes and between the gigs is staggering– we know it well.  For some, we know the holidays can be tough because you may have family members who don’t understand truly how hard you work and how much you hustle.

We know what it is like.  And we have your back.

We are creating more tools to help you grow and plan and CRUSH 2019.  This career path is in your heart for a reason.  You’re supposed to be here.  The way you are going to close 2018 is going to have 2019 dying for you to waltz on in like you own the place.

Because you DO own it.  Now go tell it what to do!

Always your cheerleader,
Colleen Kahl