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8 Promises Actors Need to Make Themselves This Fall

Recommitting yourself to your dream career this Fall? I suggest making these 8 promises to yourself as you embark on the road to your goals.

I will NOT work in places I feel unsafe.

Be it Covid protocols or just individuals who give you the heebie jeebies. No need to take any job that could jeopardize your health–mental or physical.

I will remember to celebrate all victories– ESPECIALLY the little ones.

So often, I find that actors aren’t celebrating the little things. Relish in the positive remark on your audition. Love on the great response to your work in acting class. Celebrate “booking the room,” cherish signs of interest from industry, and treat every invitation to audition for something like a fantastic gift to share a piece of you.I will create some of my OWN opportunities to utilize my craft.

Waiting for other people to show up with ways for you to be creative isn’t a very active way to participate in your career. Think about a story YOU NEED TO TELL! Create a character and build your own mini-project. Don’t wait for someone else’s permission to showcase your abilities.

I will be mindful in my scheduling so I always have time for my basic needs.

acting graphicSOOO many actors are guilty of squeezing in too much into their week. Survival jobs, classes, auditions, family, friends– everything takes an important resource– TIME. Take time to schedule your weeks so you can feel your best as you move through life. Don’t wait until a later date to create work/life balance. Embrace it NOW. It’ll help you stay healthy and creative. Taking time for yourself is not selfish– it is NECESSARY for well-rounded success.

I will start a meditation practice.

I sincerely think it is the MOST important thing for actors. Your brain is your money maker as an actor! The more centered you are, the more you can bring to your work. The more in touch with your emotions, the more you can understand how to apply them to your characters. Quiet your brain and explore the eurekas that can provoke action steps, decisions and inspirations that will lead you down the right paths.

I will set “office hours” so I am regularly researching opportunities.

Take some time on a regular basis to research what projects are out there that may need your HELP as a storyteller. Somewhere out there, there is a project that needs YOU and it is your job as an actor to find them and help them solve that need!

Colleen Finnegan Kahl Actors ConnectionI will stop speaking negatively about my career.

STOP IT! Right this instance. People don’t want to work with others who don’t believe in themselves. It’s hard to trust the creativity and contributions of those who can’t even trust their own. You are unique and can add so much value to a project.

I will remember to stay connected with my JOY

This industry can feel tumultuous. My favorite key to success in this business is to stay connected to your JOY. Once the joy is gone– take a break and explore what is really happening for you. JOY tells you that you are on the right soul path in your life. Lean into it. Grow it. Celebrate it. Make it an important part of your day EVERY DAY.

Video: Big Face – This week President of Actors Connection – Colleen Kahl joins the show. Colleen fills us in on all the ways Actors Connection has found a way to keep our community alive by offering hope, support, learning, and insight during this time.

Colleen Finnegan Kahl is an accomplished Theatre Arts Educator, author of this article, and President of Actors Connection. Colleen is an expert dealing with issues regarding the acting industry, especially in the age of Covid.

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