5 Goals that ALL Actors Should Add to Their List this January

5 Goals that ALL Actors Should Add to Their List this January

I LOVE January.  I’ve always geeked out over goals, lists and vision boards.  I adore getting a new planner filled out with important dates and plans and I absolutely OBSESS over dreaming big and thinking about the future.

Whether or not you can relate, you can’t ignore January’s natural ability to make you think about your future and what it may hold for you.

Actors at all levels are currently making their dream lists for 2021.  Maybe you want to book your first co-star credit, land a national VO campaign, or find a new agent.  No matter what your specific goals are, here are a few goals that ALL actors can add to their list for 2021.

Find a new monologue or scene that not only represents your talent but you LOVE performing that character.  Find a story that you just LOVE telling.  Let it light your creative fire and inspire you!  Take notes on what about this character you love and see start exploring other opportunities you may see if the field to tell a similar story.

  1. Make a new contact in the field who is more successful than you are.  Learn from their example, advice and experiences.  Spend time with them.

  1. Take excellent notes on your audition data and regularly analyze what it tells you.  Be honest with yourself if your headshot isn’t opening doors, or if you audition material hasn’t gotten strong enough feedback.  Act on the info you learn.  Need help tracking your data?  We strongly suggest you check out uptodateactor.com.

  1. Find a new film director who speaks to you heart.  Follow them and their projects and learn about the other type of people they regularly work with.  These are people to WATCH because they may have other projects coming down the pipeline that you could be a fit for.

  1. Start a meditation practice.  Mindfulness benefits everyone no matter the career but I feel it deserves extra attention when it comes to acting careers.  Mental strength and peace are invaluable in this field and will help you perform well under pressure and stay focused when the road seems long.

Take this list and add to it!  Write down some individualized goals for your career, health, family– everything!  Research has shown that the simple act of WRITING DOWN YOUR GOALS helps you to be more likely to achieve them.  Take the time for YOU.  And if no one has told you yet— you DESERVE a wonderful 2021.

Photo Kindly by Isaac Smith