The Oscars: Oh, what a night, right? Or not?

Out of curiosity, how many of you made it all the way to the end of the Oscar broadcast? Any surprises? Favorite moments? Should The Social Network have won? If you could hand out your own Oscars, who would they have gone to? Is there anyone else out there who thought Piranha 3D got robbed?

If you are reading this and watched the telecast, let us know your thoughts below.

How important are improvisational skills for commercial auditions?

Jerry Kallarakal from DDO Agency shares his thoughts on the importance of improvisational skills at commercial auditions:

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Insider Acting Tips #6

By Tony Nation

If you are going to be auditioning for TV, you must make sure that your on-camera skills are at their very best.

If you’ve never auditioned using the pre-screen/pre-read format, I highly recommend taking on-camera acting classes in NYC to work on your auditioning skills with a reader.

You want to make sure that even if you don’t get the job, the office likes your work as an actor and that you are called in again because of the high caliber of your skills.

I also recommend that you have your sides memorized or be extremely familiar with them. It never looks good for you to be reading the scene with your head down in the page and not looking at your reader.

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Give yourself a kick…

There are so many possibilities out there and you’ve got so many ideas as an actor but you’re not sure where to start.

Perhaps you want to be in a Broadway show; perhaps you want to quick your day job and immerse yourself in a summer performing arts program in New York; perhaps you want to go audition for work in California. All of it costs money, though, right?

Have you heard of Kickstarter? If not, it’s:

“…a new way to fund creative projects.

[They] believe that:

• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.”

Fund your web series, fund your audition trip or — do like one group of individuals and work towards financing a Broadway show. Or click here to learn about other theater projects on Kickstarter.

So, as you think about creating your own opportunities as an actor, think about trying Kickstarter. It’s not a sure thing but neither are auditions, right?

The things actors will do…

…for the role of a lifetime.

Recently, Natalie Portman shared about her experience preparing for and performing her role in The Black Swan.

Her work certainly paid off because she is one of the frontrunners in the Academy Awards race for Best Actress. Here is the interview:

If you can’t get your fill of Best Actress drama, pick up a copy of the book, Best Actress by John Kane. It’s a trashy Hollywood novel but it’s amusing….

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Insider Acting Tips #5

by Tony Nation

If you are a TV actor or you want to pursue this area, you need to know your market. Make sure you watch all the new shows at least 4-5 times so that you know the style of the series, who the series regulars are and what their characters are like.

If you are called in for an audition, it will only help you when you get sides. Also, find an awesome New York acting coach who you can work with on-camera one on one to make sure you are prepared for any on-camera audition, whether it’s film or TV.

Keep an audition diary/journal of who you auditioned for and always send a postcard thanking that casting director for the audition. Keep that office updated with what you are doing once a month. Remember, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Also, if you change your headshot, send an updated p/r to that office for their files.

Roz Kelly on Halle Berry

Roz Coleman, who will be teaching “inTreatment,” an on-camera acting class, beginning February 15, recently offered some observations on “A-listers” she has worked with in film, stage and television. Here is what she shared about working Academy-Award winning actress Halle Berry:

When we had rehearsal, her script had so many post-its and notes and colors and things. You could tell she spent a lot of time with that script.

One of the differences that I’ve noticed about the “A Listers” is that the level of preparation and craft is much more intense. They just put a lot more into it.

Halle Berry is so good…. What takes me five takes or six takes, she can do in one take (and her role is 30 times more complicated!).

Insider’s Secret Acting Tip #4

By Tony Nation

New York television series come and go, but they provide an abundant amount of work to New York actors and professionals. Our main staples having been the Law and Order franchises, NBC’s 30 ROCK, One Life to Live, Saturday Night Live and several talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.

Do you know who casts these shows?

Do you know what the new New York television series are and who’s casting them?

Have you submitted your updated picture and resume with a cover letter to all of these offices?

Have you taken an acting seminar in New York with a casting director from one of these offices if your agent or manager hasn’t gotten you in recently to be seen?

If not, here’s the information you NEED to know! The new NY TV series and who’s casting them:

Our long running NY TV series/shows:

How much does professionalism matter?

Erica Palgon offers her perspective on “professionalism.” Are you “professional” at you audition? Does talent weigh more than professionalism? If you can’t ask Lindsay Lohan, perhaps watching this short video with Erica might suffice…

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Show the best “you”

A.C.: Have you ever seen someone audition for a role that wasn’t so hot but wound up getting cast in the role?

DALE BROWN: This is a loaded question! So many factors go into casting a show. It’s not always the “best actor” or singer with the “most amazing vocals” that gets cast. There’s chemistry. There’s look. There’s concept. I can say, there are many that give amazing auditions who cannot be used at this time. You can only come in and show us the best “you.” Then let it go and allow the team to determine what best suits their needs. Focus on the things you can control and release those that are out of your hands.

DALE BROWN just finished leading a 5-week Musical Theater Showcase.Click here to learn more about the showcase.

Dale joined Tara Rubin Casting in 2007. His current specific projects with TRC include on-going casting for all US companies of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and the original casting of both BILLY ELLIOT, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and Des McAnuff’s production of GUYS & DOLLS.