Pre-Audition Mantras

Pre-Audition Mantras

Have you been struggling with your positive thoughts in your pre-audition time?  Especially thinking positively about your auditions?  We’ve all gotten stuck in a bad thinking pattern at one time or another.

It is SO IMPORTANT to stay focused and aware of your thoughts.  In our industry, your energy in the room is an enormously important factor for booking work.  If you are feeling not good enough, it WILL shine thru.  So– KNOCK IT OFF 🙂 and sit with these pre-audition mantras instead.

1) This audition is just another opportunity to do what I love, and I’m going to have fun and be creative with it.  (and then after the audition, let it be. Don’t pull it apart, don’t analyze every choice– let it GOOOOO)

I’m here for a reason, might as well bring my A-game (getting appointments, learning about opportunities and having someone believe in you is not an accident.  The world made it happen so you could be here— so show up with your best self!)

3) They want to see MY version.  And I am 100% qualified to do that.  (Bring your honest authentic deliciously unique self into that room!  That is what you are there for!)

The make it or break it for your life is NEVER one individual audition.  EVER.  The make it or break it are your thoughts.  If your outer world is broken, check out your inner world first.

Love ’em or leave ’em.  Just some thoughts if you need ’em!

Crush it today!

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