Success Stories

Caitlin is INTERVIEWING with Mike Lyons, Agent, BMG after participating in our Veterans Showcase!

Caitlin Bassett, January 2019

“I took Barry Shapiro's Improv for Commercials intensive and I was floored by how much we learned in a day! Barry does a great job of mixing exercises and real commercial audition scenarios to hone your skills on this art form. As a CD in the field, I feel he prepares you for what the commercial audition world is like in a realistic way. After taking his class, I am now working with two agents at Abrams Artists in the Commercial Department!”

Stephanie Leone, January 2019

Briana BOOKED a commercial for JG Wentworth after meeting Barry Shapiro, Casting Director, Herman and Lipson Casting in his 5 Week and Advanced Commercial Classes at Actors Connection!

Briana Cortesiano, January 2019

"Just wanted to let you know that while participating in NY York Connection last December I met Francesca Grimialdi with Plaza 7. I went back when she was at AC recently, she remembered me asked for my reel and offered to SIGN me!"

Christina Villa, January 2019

Natalie BOOKED a commercial for JG Wentworth after meeting Barry Shapiro, Casting Director, Herman & Lipson Casting at our NY Connection!

Natalie Vero, January 2019

Adrienne was called in for an AUDITION after being seen by Erica Hart, Casting Director at our recent NY Connection!

Adrienne Brammer, December 2018

Ken Foster is AUDITIONING for a CarMax voice over at Stark Naked Productions after meeting Margaret Emory, Agent, SW Artists at our most recent Voice Over Connection!

Ken Foster, December 2018

Daniel is now FREELANCING with Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum as a result of participating in our December NY Connection and meeting and showcasing to David McDermott, Agent!

Daniel Victor, December 2018

Sam was sent out for an AUDITION by Margaret Emory, Agent, SW Artists after meeting her at our most recent Voice Over Connection!

Sam Tedaldi, December 2018

Jasson BOOKED a co-star on the new NY series FBI after meeting Jenevieve Brewer, Jenevieve Brewer Talent Management in an AC seminar.

Jasson Finney, December 2018

Katie is now FREELANCING with TRUE Model Management after meeting Anthony Higgins at our September Print Connection!

Katie Brady, October 2018

"NY Connection is by far the best investment I've made towards by my acting career since moving to NYC. Over the weekend, my on-camera audition technique improved tremendously. By day 3 casting directors were giving me glowing feedback in the intensives. I walked away not only a better actor, but also a better businesswoman prepared to take my career to the next level."

Maya Posey, October 2018

"Persistence pays off! I've been coming to Actors Connection for two years. I just took NY Connection and secured a commercial agent at Jordan Gill & Dornbaum. After having been in the business for many years, I left the business for a long time and then came back, three years ago. I saw that the business had changed dramatically. Actors Connection was there to help me through the maze. Thanks Actors Connection!"

Nancy Levine, October 2018

"With the direction I received from the Starter Fast Track program, I was able to grow my skills and network quickly. That led to getting SIGNED with the Lauren Green Agency in 3 quick months!"

Horatio Andrean, October 2018

Ladarreun joined Actors Connection 3 months ago, and after coming to only four seminars, he SIGNED with an agent. "Traveling from Montgomery Alabama every time for class really paid off. Thanks so much."

Ladarreun Taylor, October 2018

"I took the seminar with Jackie Gubow of Professional Artists. The Q&A with her was very informative, she took time to talk about the scene-work one on one and answer questions. She called me in for a meeting soon after to start FREELANCING!!"

Sujoy De, October 2018

Emily Featherman met Jennifer Konawal at an AC Seminar, and is now SIGNED with Washington Square Films.

Emily Featherman, October 2018

After meeting Joe Thompson at an Actors Connection seminar, Jennifer is now FREELANCING with Abrams Artists. "Thank you so much to Actors Connection for creating this opportunity for me!"

Jennifer Sorika Wolf, October 2018

"I did an intensive with Kim Miscia at Actors Connection and she called me in for two director sessions for guest stars on BLUE BLOODS!"

Cliff Moylan, October 2018

After meeting Lisa Price, Agent in an AC seminar, Mansoor was SIGNED to an exclusive one year contract with The Price Group Talent Agency!

Mansoor Najee-ullah, September 2018

After participating in our Pilot Season Primetime TV Festival, Rachel Kylian BOOKED a supporting role on an independent feature through Rebecca Birstock at Chrystie Street Casting. Since the event, where Rebecca was a guest, Rachel has been called into the Chrystie Street Casting office multiple times.

Rachel Kylian, September 2018

"I'm now FREELANCING with Shoshana Cantwell at Take 3 Talent's Commercial and Print Department. I have to thank Shorey Walker, Barry Shapiro and everyone at Actors Connection for hosting the New York Connection weekend where I got the chance to read for Shoshana. Barry's commercial intensive really made the difference beforehand, and Shorey curated the whole weekend with a fabulous collection of CD's and Agents (ones with rosters to actually fill). I could not recommend New York Connection more!"

Harry Bainbridge, September 2018

Jenna BOOKED a voice-over for Comcast after being recommended to Ginger Dicce Talent Agency by Actors Connection!

Jenna Kray, August 2018

Jasson AUDITIONED for THE BLACKLIST and then was CALLED BACK for a director's session after meeting Lisa Lax, Agent in an AC seminar!

Jasson Finney, August 2018

Gregory BOOKED the short film Daphne's Choice from being recommended by Actors Connection to the director.

Gregory Jackson, August 2018

"I showcased for Naomi Kolstein from Bohemia Talent in June at Actors Connection. She contacted me within a few days. We set up a meeting, and she signed me! Naomi was able to set up a meeting with an LA Manager from Bohemia Talent, who I am also going to work with. I look forward to working with Naomi. She is not only interested in the overall trajectory of my career, but also in building a team around me who is as "passionate" as I am! I look forward to much "success" with Naomi & the Bohemia Family!"

Blanca Avalos, August 2018

Kathie is now freelancing with The Lisa Lax Agency after meeting Lisa in an AC seminar!

Kathie Kneese, August 2018

Jasson is now WORKING with The Lisa Lax Agency after meeting Lisa in an AC seminar!

Jasson Finney, August 2018

"From participating in NY Connection, I learned to not compare my clock to anyone else's AND if you learn to stay in your lane, you'd find there's no traffic. I've had nothing but GREAT feedback not only from the Casting Directors and Agents, but even my peers! Plus, I've been invited by one of the Casting Directors to audition for an upcoming production in Alabama! Better believe I'll be there!"

Jada Lynn, August 2018

Robin SIGNED with Take 3 Talent following our July NY Connection!

Robin Johnson, August 2018