Success Stories

"I attended the AC Free at 3pm with Stacye Mayer of WSM (Commercial Agent) last week and today I had a Zoom with her and she wants to add me to her roster! I'm so excited and I have to thank Actors Connection GIGANTICALLY!"

Sharon Speer, April 2021

"I created and submitted an original piece that ended up being selected and posted on the Actors Connection Youtube Channel. My piece is titled "Weather in IL-The UNREPORT with Sabrina DiGiovanni."

Sabrina DiGiovanni, April 2021

"Signed up for an AC Online Manager's Night and all but one of the members on the invited panel reached out to set up a meeting after the showcase. It went so well I decided who I wanted to be repped by. 🙂 Find sides that make you feel something, come prepared, and share yourself openly with a full heart...we are all rooting for you to shine."

Alexander C Mulzac, April 2021

Helene SIGNED with AM&T - Atlanta Models and Talent after meeting Jason Lockhart in our online Atlanta Agent Showcase.

Helene Henry, April 2021

"I SIGNED with Ramona's Models and Talent a few years ago after meeting Ramona Pitera at AC and have actually BOOKED through them."

Kyla Sylvers, March 2021

"After showcasing during a Legit Agent Night, I SIGNED with Park Artists Group!"

Omar Ghonim, March 2021

"In my first AC success story, I took Acting 101 with Pete Jensen. I took only 3 of these amazing classes, became so inspired & confident-it was my anxiousness that led me to answer a casting call to play a mother's role for a Documentary and I booked it! My very first time, so this is one of more to come "Success Stories." Thanks Actors Connection & Pete Jensen.

Beverly Beckley, March 2021

"I just SIGNED with Carol Shaginaw Talent Agency after the ATLANTA Agent Showcase."

Zach Schanne, March 2021

After attending our December Legit Agent Night, Monique has two agents from that panel interested in representing her.

Monique Paige, March 2021

"I attended an Actors Connection Agent Showcase and was contacted by two of the agents! I ended up signing with Tammy Green at The Green Agency! Thank you AC!!"

Lisa King, March 2021

Nick is now FREELANCING with Lauren Green Agency after meeting Janine Cerny in her online Print intensive at AC.

Nick Austin, February 2021

Barbara is now FREELANCING with Lauren Green Agency after meeting Janine Cerny in her Print intensive online at AC.

Barbara Major, February 2021

Ann is now FREELANCING with Lauren Green Agency after meeting Janine Cerny in her Print intensive online at AC.

Ann McPhillips, February 2021

"After taking Briana Dunlay's class, I was called in by Gayle Keller Casting to AUDITION for a project."

Kohlman Thompson, February 2021

"I recently SIGNED with Pantera/Murphy The Agency, after meeting Katie Murphy, Agent through AC."

Geraldine Singer, February 2021

"I've been with CESD for almost 10 years after meeting Kirsten Walther at AC!"

Bernard Burlew, February 2021

Baber was CAST in the TV series All Hail Beth after meeting Misha Calvert, Filmmaker and Director in an AC intensive.

Baber Butt, February 2021

Steve was CAST in the TV series All Hail Beth after meeting Misha Calvert, Filmmaker and Director in an AC intensive.

Steve Silver, February 2021

"After attending the Atlanta Legit Agent Showcase, I was called in by two agencies and SIGNED with Smith Young Talent!"

Noelle Toland, February 2021

Pamela was cast in a reading of a new pilot after meeting Misha Calvert, Filmmaker and Director in an AC intensive.

Pamela Jayne Morgan, February 2021

"After meeting with Stayce Mayer, Agent, WSM Talent in an AC online seminar, I have started FREELANCING with her!

Sara Cuozzo-Gonzalez, February 2021

"I met commercial agent Doug Kesten in the summer of 2019. I kept in touch and a year later I am now FREELANCING with him."

Christina L Williams, February 2021

"At the end of last year I attended an agent showcase through Actors Connection, and just before the new year I signed with The Price Group Talent Agency! Big thank you to Actors Connection!"

Ron Erel, January 2021

"I SIGNED with Gina Manfredi at DDO after signing up for her seminar at Actors Connection."

Michael Hegarty, January 2021

"I did your Agent Night Showcase a few weeks ago and loved it! I got really good detailed feedback on my scene choice and materials and one of the agents told me to contact them. I’m happy to say I’m now being represented by Eris Talent Agency for Theatrical and Commercial."

Jana Bernard, December 2020

"After completing a Film/TV intensive with Julie Tucker, I was called in to AUDITION for a speaking role in Queen Latifah's new TV series on CBS!"

Juliette Fairley, December 2020

"Three days after taking an online Commercial Seminar with David McDermott from Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum, he called me in to discuss representation!"

Nicole Marie Hunt, December 2020

Luna SIGNED with Bohemia Group after meeting Naomi Kolstein in an AC seminar.

Luna Tieu, November 2020

"I met Phil Huffman in his AC intensive over 2 years ago. He recently called me into his office to audition and I BOOKED a costar role on Law and Order: SVU."

Jeaniene Green, November 2020

"All of the guests at the Atlanta Legit Agent Night were kind and gave constructive advice. On the feedback card, Susan Tolar Walters sent along her contact info so we could have a subsequent meeting. I’m happy to say it went well and I’m now SIGNED with STW talent. Because she has offices in both NYC and Atlanta, I’m now being submitted in both markets!"

Sarah Elizabeth Jensen, November 2020

"After attending a seminar with Suzy Friedman, Friedman West, in 2006 at AC, she became my agent. She booked me for major Commercials and large company Industrials. I always took advantage of seminars with Agents at Actors Connection. They are professional and provide a community for all Actors in many stages of their careers. I am a successful Actor in the Midwest, still taking advantage of what Actors Connection has to offer."

Forba Shepherd, November 2020

"After attending Margaret Emory’s online seminar, and having received great feedback on my scene, I followed up, sending my materials. Margaret and Sue (Winik) had very nice words about my work, and were interested in meeting. We did... and right there and then, they expressed their interest in working with me. It was mutual, and I’m now signed with SW Artists!"

Sandra Roque, October 2020

"After working with Emily Fleischer of Susan Shopmaker Casting in her AC intensive, I was called in to audition for a role in an independent film."

Juliette Fairley, October 2020

Stephanie is currently FREELANCING with SW Talent after meeting Margaret Emory, Agent in an AC seminar.

Stephanie Flanagan, October 2020

Sam is currently FREELANCING with SW Talent after meeting Margaret Emory, Agent in an AC Showcase.

Sam Okine, October 2020

After completing Briana Dunlay's audition class in August, Juliette was called in to AUDITION for a co-star role in HBO's skater comedy BETTY.

Juliette Fairley, September 2020

"After moving back to NYC, I had no agents and no prospects. Actors Connection fixed all that. I SIGNED with Bloc (TV/FILM) and A3 (Commercial) in a short time period. After taking Lorrie Odom's Film/TV class, I BOOKED my first Guest Star role for Nickelodeon!! Thank you AC."

Anthony E. Williams, September 2020

"I wanted to sincerely and genuinely thank y'all for everything you do as a company and for the Free at Three series you started during the pandemic.  I can't not express the gratitude, appreciation, and respect I have for AC, Tony, Colleen, and all of the staff at AC.  You guys have been an inspiration and a beacon of light during this dark time and it's thanks to Free at Three."

Manoli Ioannidis, September 2020

"I met Lisa Price in an AC seminar with her one evening, and then SIGNED with The Price Group a week later!"

Madison L'Insalata, September 2020

"After taking an on-camera tv/film intensive with Alexis Atkinson of Jonathan Strauss Casting, I was called in the office to AUDITION for FBI."

Kara F. Green, September 2020

"I started taking seminars and classes with AC in March to get back in gear after a long hiatus from the business.  I just SIGNED with Susan Walters of the STW Talent Agency after taking her recent AC seminar with her.  Thank you AC for helping me get back in the groove!"

Helen Huff, August 2020

"I attended an Actors Connection Free at Three with Brent Duncan from PureFlare Agency on July 13, and emailed him right after. On July 21, I was approached by Erica Noriega from his agency, and last week on Aug 6 I signed with them for a year for theatrical representation! This was directly thanks to AC and I couldn’t be more grateful!"

Ron Erel, August 2020

"Had a very nice Actors Connection Zoom session with Gina Manfredi from DDO. She's now representing me!"

Michael Hegarty, July 2020

"After attending a commercial intensive with Janine Cerny from Lauren Green Agency, I was invited to come to their office for an interview. I'm now freelancing with them, thank you to Actors Connection for always having great industry guests."

Anais Almonte, July 2020

"I just want to thank Actors Connection for hosting the “free at three” series. It really has been a joy to watch during this quarantine. It was there that I met Wayne Gasser and watched his Q&A session. He seemed like such an awesome, genuine manager so I signed up for his one on one seminar via Zoom and had the pleasure of performing a scene for him. We connected extremely well and he loved my look! We stayed in touch and I took two of his cold reading classes via Zoom before he decided to sign me and become my manager! It wouldn’t have been possible without Actors Connection making the introduction so thank you so much!"

Stephanie Terrero, June 2020

"I SIGNED with Carol Shaginaw Talent after meeting Carol at the Atlanta Connection showcase last Fall and staying in contact. I initially auditioned for Carol's former agency and months later auditioned and subsequently signed with her new agency. I appreciate AC for facilitating this connection!"

Tamara Hall, June 2020

"After meeting Michele Peacock of Andreadis Talent at a seminar, I freelanced and then signed with Andreadis, ultimately booking my first television audition as a co-star on “God Friended Me”. Thank you, Actors Connection!"

Dina Laura, June 2020

"I SIGNED with Ramona's Model and Talent. They reached out after I met Ramona Pitera at NY Connection and now I’m with them. Thank you so much for the opportunity again."

Tyra Ellerbe, May 2020

"Last year I took an incredible workshop with Jennifer Grosso, founder and lead coach of Climb Coaching LLC. Immediately after we connected and she has been my life coach ever since! So grateful for Actors Connection and all that is does for our community."

Aurelia Michael, May 2020

"I SIGNED with The Price Group after meeting with Lisa Price in an Actors Connection seminar."

Madison L'Insalata, April 2020

Gillian has a meeting with Talent Agent Pierre Gatling for commercial representation after meeting him at the LA Connection!

Gillian Cooper, March 2020

Sherry has a meeting with Talent Agent Pierre Gatling for commercial representation after meeting him at the LA Connection!

Sherry Rene, March 2020

Johanna has a meeting with Talent Agent Pierre Gatling for commercial representation after meeting him at the LA Connection!

Johanna Martinez, March 2020

Michael participated in the LA Connection then after the program had submitted to a film cast by CD Ani Avetyan that he met in one of the master classes. Michael was called in to audition for a role!

Michael Flood, March 2020

Margaret attended the LA Connection last October. Recently, she submitted to a film cast by CD Ani Avetyan that she met at our program and was called in to audition!

Margaret Berkowitz, March 2020

"After the LA Connection I emailed Sueanne Edan from Tangerine Talent Agency, she called me and set up a meeting for next Monday.  I’m very excited! It was a truly wonderful experience and I've learned so much."

Lulu Rose, March 2020

"I met CD Jeff Gerard at LA Connection a few weeks ago. Today, in the afternoon, I go in for an audition that he called me in for after submitting to his project!"

Marina Capatina, February 2020

"After participating in the LA Connection, Janelle from Daniel Hoff just emailed me and asked me to come in and audition for their commercial division in a couple days!"

Eleanor Kreider, February 2020

"I was doing follow up emails from LA Connection and several were telling me, "We're interested, just not right now" (Pilot season and all) BUT Taylor Trumbo from Evolve Talent Agency wants me to come into her office next Tuesday!"

Phillip Guevara, February 2020

"I have a meeting with BMG Talent Agency in Los Angeles! just have to say how grateful I am for opportunities at the LA Connection. It felt amazing and it felt right! I've learned so much, I received so much positive feedback, and this experience helped me decide that it was finally time to make my move to LA. I feel confident. The tools that you left us with were things I WAS NEVER TAUGHT! I'm a hustler, I like to do 110% of the work, so thank you for sharing that! I'm currently in the airport crying because I don't want to go back home, but also already creating my list so that I can put your tools into place."

Jocelyne Cordero, March 2020

"I'm very excited to say that I'm working exclusively with David McDermott in the commercial department at Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum Talent Agency after meeting him through the NY Connection program! I can't wait to take this next step in my career. I feel ready and able to do that with both the technique and business training I've received at Actors Connection. This program is clearly dedicated and designed to help actors network well and advance their careers. I couldn't be happier with the results."

Glenn Ghirardi, March 2020

"Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your LA Connection program, I just signed with an LA Theatrical agent (Janelle @ Daniel Hoff). Followed up and did all the stuff you recommended and it’s working. It also gave me the courage to reach out to a manager I’ve had my eye on, and I’m meeting with them this week."

Kaipo Schwab, March 2020

"After meeting with Stacye Mayer from Paradigm, I have started working with her, freelancing for the agency!"

Carmelle Danneman, February 2020

"I recently attended a seminar with Manager TJ Stein of Stein Entertainment Group. He brought me in for a meeting and I have since signed with them for representation."

Anthony Altieri, February 2020

"I took a few classes at Actors Connection and learned a lot at each one. Then I took a seminar with Ashley Marshall that just blew me away! She is so giving! Transparent and informative (and funny). It was worth the trip for the Q&A alone. During my one on one time, I read for her and we had a frank discussion about my type, where I am in my career, and she offered to refer me to Abrams Artists Agency. The next morning before I could even send her a thank you email, Abrams sent me an appointment time. I am happy to say I am now freelance with them and I'm excited to see what comes next."

Diana Porter, February 2020

"Barry Shapiro's Commercial Class taught me how to do close up film work. Which I've used many times."

Daniel McHenry, February 2020

"I SIGNED with Armand Vaughn of ATB talent after meeting with him at an AC Seminar!"

Eileen Veghte, January 2020

Alex is SIGNING with SW Artists after meeting Margaret Emory, Agent in an AC seminar.

Alex Shafer, January 2020

"I SIGNED with Eris Talent Agency after meeting Theatrical Agent Cindy Schoonover at LA Connection!"

Aneela Qureshi, January 2020

"I SIGNED with Daniel Hoff Agency after meeting Theatrical Agent Janelle Bernard at LA Connection!"

Katie Humphries, January 2020

After taking part in the first-ever Actors Connection Diversity Showcase, Michael was invited into the agency office of The Price Group. He is now SIGNED and proudly repped by Lisa Price and company.

Michael Blas, January 2020

"I've booked a number of commercials (Zipcar, Simplisafe, Ancestry, OsteoBFlex, Cologuard, etc) and industrials since starting classes at AC. Thank you for the training!"

Jennie Driesen, January 2020

Ariane was SIGNED by TJ Stein, Personal Manager, Stein Management after meeting him in an AC seminar.

Ariane Malia Reinhart, January 2020

"In my first 2 AC agent seminars, two agents wanted to SIGN me. I ended up signing with Eris Talent so I can say that I signed with my first legit agent through Actors Connection."

Sally Stewart, January 2020

"I was introduced to a Talent Manager by Actors Connection and it seems like a great fit. I also booked three Short Films and two Narration Projects recently from participating at AC."

LaVeda Davis, January 2020

"After participating in the LA Connection showcase, I got called in to interview and SIGNED across the board with Tangerine Talent."

Sofie Khan, January 2020

"After meeting Janine Cerny from Lauren Green Agency at NY Connection, she invited me to an interview today and started FREELANCING with me. I also met Lauren. They are both super nice and fun. This is very exciting! Thank you again."

Mingjie Li, November 2019

"After meeting with Armand Vaughn of ATB Talent Agency at Actors Connection, he SIGNED me as a FILM/ TV Client!

Eileen Veghte, November 2019

"I was looking for a low stakes class to take to get feedback and maybe grow a little bit after moving to the city. I took a seminar with Dustin Flores at the Mine and two months ago they SIGNED me!"

Scott Wilson, November 2019

"I SIGNED with Commercial Talent Agency after meeting Commercial Agent Sheila Di Marco at LA Connection!"

Raul Peyret, December 2019

"I SIGNED across the board with Sovereign Talent Agency after meeting Theatrical Agent Andrew Burrill at LA Connection!"

Max Talisman, November 2019

"I am FREELANCING with UGA Talent and being sent out on auditions after meeting Chase Theibault at an AC Seminar. Thank you, AC!"

Jasmine K. Huynh, November 2019

Aja SIGNED with UIA Talent Agency after meeting Vanessa Uzan, Agent/Owner at Broadway Connection.

Aja Goes, October 2019

Corey is FREELANCING with Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum after meeting David McDermott, Commercial Agent at NY Connection.

Corey Caldwell, October 2019

"I am now working with Chase Theibault of UGA Talent after meeting him at a seminar."

Christy Matino, October 2019

Scott SIGNED with both the print and commercial departments at Buchwald after meeting Stephanie Bellarosa, Agent at NY Connection.

S. Scott McCraken, October 2019

"After meeting with Jerry Kallarakkal from Abrams Artists Agency in a seminar, I was called in for a meeting and SIGNED for Commercial with Abrams."

Anthony E. Williams, October 2019

"I SIGNED with Daniel Hoff Agency after meeting Theatrical Agent Janelle Bernard and CESD Agency after meeting Commercial Agent Juliana Castro at LA Connection."

Chloe Malaise, September 2019

Kylie is INTERVIEWING with SW Artists after meeting Margaret Emory, Agent at our recent Broadway Connection!

Kylie Heywood, September 2019

Robin is SIGNING with Abrams Artists after meeting Jerry Kallarakkal, Commercial Agent in an AC seminar.

Robin May, September 2019

Anthony SIGNED with Abrams Artists after meeting Jerry Kallarakkal, Commercial Agent in an AC seminar.

Anthony LeDonne, September 2019

Molly is now WORKING with Wright Talent Management from meeting Charlie Wright, Personal Manager in an Actors Connection seminar.

Molly Chiffer, September 2019

"I'm signing with Bella Agency! Thank you for all your advice and coaching at the LA Connection."

Ross Kobelak, August 2019

"I recently SIGNED with Lisa Price from The Price Group Talent Agency after meeting her first at NY Connection and then again at an agent seminar!"

Lindsay Head, August 2019

"I have been invited to FREELANCE with Chase Theibault and the commercial department of UGA after meeting him at NY Connection."

Lillith Fallon, August 2019

Emily is now FREELANCING with UIA Talent after meeting Aaron Sanko, Agent at our most recent Broadway Connection!

Emily Morris, August 2019

After meeting Traci Lynn Luthy at a seminar, Marie was called in for an interview and SIGNED with them!

Marie Denny, August 2019

"I attended the intensive with Janine Cerny for Commercial and Print, and am now FREELANCING with her at Lauren Green Agency."

Sheikh Niloy, August 2019

"I SIGNED with SW Artists after attending a seminar here!"

Cara Treacy, August 2019

Rebecca had an INTERVIEW with Carson-Kolker Org. from meeting Barry Kolker, Agent/Owner at NY Connection.

Rebecca Thomas, July 2019