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Why Positive Visualizations Will Improve Your Auditions

Visualizing yourself achieving major goals is an incredible tool when it comes to setting yourself up for success. But how does it work exactly?

As an actor, you make an income from having a great imagination. You regularly access your brain in a way most people don’t. Why not harness that brainpower more fully?

When you visualize your achievements — your mind is basically “rehearsing” living the event. Not only will it give you the confidence to perform well when you are actually in the scenario, but it harnesses your subconscious to conspire to support you in subtle shifts and new inspiration. Visualization techniques are one of the most powerful ways to tap your hidden talents and potential and help empower you to make better decisions under pressure.

So why aren’t you using it before your auditions? 

Follow these easy steps to start a visualization practice before your next audition– we can’t wait to hear how it helps you!

STEP 1: Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Close your eyes. Focus on long deep breaths.

STEP 2: Set the scene in your mind. Imagine the audition in as much detail as you can. Visualize what the room might look like. Visualize you and what you are wearing. What are the sounds? Smells?

STEP 3: Think through the action steps of the audition. What do you want to happen? What is said? What is seen? What is heard? The more detail here the better. Imagine the action you are taking. Imagine the perfect discoveries you find in the text. Imagine how “at home” you feel in this character and how honestly you connect with your reader. Most importantly, feel the confidence and success in your body as things unfold beautifully. Where do you feel that success in your body? What does it do to your energy? Revel for a moment in that energy. Enjoy it. Savor it. Live this moment during this meditation– and live it the exact way you would like for it to go down.

STEP 4: Imagine your results. Feel how it makes you feel. Did you “book” the room? Is everyone smiling? Did you change the energy of the room? Did you uplift the creative team? What was said? How did it feel to make yourself proud of your grounded authentic work? Where do you feel that joy in your body? Focus in on that energy like you are memorizing the energy itself. Revel in it.

STEP 5: Open your eyes but maintain that energy of confidence and success as you go about your day.

Pro Tip: A visualization like this should be enjoyable. It should make you feel great. Let any negative thoughts that come up melt away and enjoy focusing on the positive.

Pro Tip 2: The more you visualize this, the more you will be rehearsing your audition energy and confidence, the easier it will be to tap into it in the moment.

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Many people ask us how to meet casting directors and acting agents. We hope this article by Actors Connection President Colleen Kahl helps you on that path. Photo kindly by @pabloheimplatz