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Room For You

In a competitive industry, many actors worry about whether there is ROOM for them. If there are other actors that look like them and can play the same characters just as well– then how can they succeed?

Well let me say with 100% confidence that if you are passionate about this work being the most perfect fit for you– then there IS ROOM FOR YOU IN THIS INDUSTRY.

No one is YOU. Not even close.

No one’s heart can come even close to replicating yours. How could it? No one has been through the emotional ups and downs that you have. No one has lived through life making the exact decisions you have made– and have been served the exact same lessons the exact same way. All of those little details that are intimately you, are YOURS and YOURS alone.

So if NO ONE can be you… precisely YOU…. well then as long as you approach your work authentically… NO ONE can give the exact same performance.

child laughingAny audition appointment you get– they want to see one thing. YOUR version of the character. If they wanted to see someone else’s version of the work– well they would set up an appointment with them and NOT you. When you are brought to the table– it is your JOB to do a performance as only YOU can give it. And there is no one as qualified to bring YOURSELF to the work– as YOU!

Thinking this way as you approach your auditions can help keep you feeling empowered as an artist. Stop worrying about what the other side of the table WANTS and start focusing on what YOU want to BRING. You can’t control anyone else’s decisions but your own. So make the decision to make YOURSELF proud. Make choices that YOU have fun with. Trying to get into the head of someone else will trip you up. Do your research and understand the story and vibe to the best of your ability and then make the choices that make YOU feel good.

Stop WORRYING about the other people auditioning. Stop WORRYING about what the other side of the table wants. Start CREATING things that ONLY YOU can create and see how THAT brings you new places in your career. Auditioning IS the work, and if you find yourself having more fear than fun, you need to take a step back and check in with yourself. Fear doesn’t book jobs. Fun on the other hand…..that’s a different story!

For more help on making creative choices in the audition room– check out our online classes!

Colleen Finnegan Kahl is an accomplished Theatre Arts Educator, author of this article, and President of Actors Connection, offering online acting classes and workshops for teens and adults alike.

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Looking for NY Representation? Check Out This List!

If you’re currently looking for New York representation, this is the blog article you don’t want to miss. Even during a pandemic, there have been many talent agencies that have recently expanded from Los Angeles, Atlanta and Boston into the New York Market.

Before you submit, it’s important for you to do your due diligence. You should check out their websites and IMDbPro listing to see if they are missing your type on their rosters. Their websites can also really give you an insider perspective into their missions as agencies and many of them you can submit directly to via their website.

Pro Tip: Read their submission instructions thoroughly and don’t submit unless you have all of your materials together that they are requesting. Also, if you’re not happy with your headshots, resume, clips, demos etc., wait and update them and then submit when you are ready.

Find a Talent Agent in New York (NYC)

If you’re looking for New York or Atlanta representation, I’d also recommend picking up Up-to-Date Theatricals NYC Agent Directory or South East Entertainment Directory.

The NYC Agent Directory includes a quick look of WHO’S SEEKING WHO and will guide you in what age ranges and types the agencies are currently seeking.

New NY Agencies are:
Adunni Rose Talent Agency
Grey Talent Group
Gill Talent Group
Park Artists Group
PureFlare Acting and Modeling Agency
The Collective
The Green Agency
The Movement Talent Agency
Universal Attractions Agency
WSM Talent

Newer NY Agencies:
Eris Talent Agency
STW Talent

The Hell’s Kitchen Agency

Recently merged NY Agencies:
Bonafide & Emerging Artists

Contact Tony Nation, and the Actors Connection for more information on how to attain New York Representation. 

This article was written by Tony Nation, a partner at the Actors Connection, and an expert in Acting Classes not only for New York City, but also Atlanta, LA, and beyond.