Self-Inspiration: Love Your Product, Love Yourself

Self-Inspiration: Love Your Product, Love Yourself

Ever go to an audition and you look around the waiting room and think “wow I feel like I am sitting in a room of a whole bunch of people just like me — how on earth am I going to get this role? What can I do to be different?” It’s time you started praciticing self inspiration and self-love.

We’ve all been there.  It’s especially freaky when it looks like you’ve all shopped the same store for your outfits and seemingly went to the same hair stylist.

BUT– YOU!  You ARE NOT them.  They ARE NOT you.

You’ve lived a life of unique experiences, circumstances and emotions.  Your brain connects thoughts differently.  Your heart loves differently.  You give and take differently.

If you bring honest and authentic connection with the script into the room, play specific verbs and intentions and show off that sliver of your natural self– you will automatically BE different.  You don’t need to “play” different.  It’s just there…in you, in your intentions.  After all, they called YOU in— not the idea of you– YOU.

YOU are what YOU are selling…and for me, I believe in ONLY selling things I LOVE- because it is easy!  and fun!  And truthful.

Do you LOVE what you are selling?

Is it time you get back to self-love?


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5 Key Components of Actor Research

Let’s talk about ACTOR RESEARCH.

It is easy for us to spend hours talking to actors about individualized plans of attack– every single person is different and what works for one person in this business isn’t the magic juice for everyone– BUT there are a few KEY research projects that need to be a part of EVERY actor’s homework.  Here’s a few things to get you started!


1) What working actors are most like you?  Be truthful about this.  Who can you be playing right now?  Know EVERYTHING about their careers.  Jobs they booked, representation they have, casting directors who have cast them, even look into their little indie projects before they got bigger roles.  This is a great way to find scenes that are good for you that aren’t super famous and recognizable but still worthwhile to perform.

2) If you need representation-RESEARCH!  The old give a man a fish and he eats for a day– teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.  LEARN TO FISH– LEARN TO RESEARCH.  Google agencies.  Look up their current clients.  What are they recently booking?  How large are they?  Any pics up there of someone who may be a similar type to you?  Read their whole website.  Look at their google hits. Look at ALL of their clients if they have a roster posted.  Understand who they have and who they might need from the information you are finding.

3. KNOW YOUR CASTING DIRECTORS!  This is an extremely important part of your job. Know who is casting what– know the CDs for ALL The shows you are right for.  Take classes with THEM!  Find opportunities to get to know them.  Understand the type of projects they usually do- notice the style and genre.

Training and Strategy!

4. TRAINING.  It’s a craft.  You need to be polishing and training consistently.  We’re in NY and there is a LOT of competition.  The more confidence and practice you have, the more efficient your work will be when you are in high pressured situations.

5. STRATEGIZE when you aren’t getting appointments.  Have an agent but STILL not getting in the room a lot? You need the list of projects you have been submitted for but not given the audition.  Then you need to develop relationships with THOSE casting directors and make sure your headshot and resume and geared to support the BOOKING of those types of roles.

There’s a few things to get you started.  Don’t underestimate this step!  Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to get to this next level.  I know you are working so SO hard.  I don’t want you to burn out.  Instead of working harder- work smarter.

We’re rooting for you!

Be the Change You Want to See in the Industry

A little note inspired by some convos yesterday….

How cool is our industry!  I don’t know of any other jobs where you can feel like family with your coworkers the way we do when we work on a project.  There is so much LOVE that we have for the people we have worked with.  I see actors LIGHT UP all the time talking about past colleagues, favorite directors, inspiring scene partners and so on.

SO really… everyone you come to find in auditions including the people you feel like you are “up against”— they are just one project away from being FAMILY.


What does that thought do for you?

You will get the roles that are meant for you

if you bring your whole self into the room, continue to grow your craftand stay grounded and authentic through it all.

And you can do this like you are FIGHTING the other artists, or you can do it with LOVE AND RESPECT for the other artists.

WE are in control of how our industry feels.  WE ARE the industry.  If you feel like the audition scene has been feeling tough and beating you down, the guy or gal going in the room after you may be feeling that too.  BUT WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THAT.  We need to start radiating the love we want to feel in our audition scene to ONE ANOTHER.

What is meant for us is meant for us.  How we pass the time is up to us.

Our world today showcases ways that we are at odds with one another, and living that way is exhausting.  Let’s show other industries how it is done starting with each other.

There are 45,000+ New York actors that will receive this email.  If you want to make our competitive audition scene a more wonderful place…

it’s going to start with you.

We got this.

Much love,

Three Sunday Prep Tips For a Great Monday

Hey AC clients!  I know it’s hard to live a Sunday without thinking about Monday so I have some thoughts on what you can do today to help you more successfully attack the week ahead. 

1) Write out your schedule for the week.  Set aside blocks of time to check for auditions, research projects and build your own content on social media.  If you are working on a bigger project, like writing a screenplay or a series, make sure you schedule writing time in as well.  Hold yourself accountable to this schedule.  Schedule in social media and then keep it closed while you are getting your other tasks done.

2) Write a mantra for the week that will help you feel motivated and energized.  Make sure it is written in a positive form and read it to yourself at different points during the day.  Think of this as a quick tune-up to help you keep moving towards what matters and aware of all the little hidden opportunities you may have been missing before.

Here are some examples:
I am creatively and effectively accomplishing my goals all week long.
I am finding and taking abundant opportunities.
I’m constantly taking action for my career and celebrating my successes.

3) Imagine your week going by PERFECTLY.  What do you do?  Who do you see?  How do you feel?  What actions are you taking?  Go thru the who/what/where/when/how.  Imagine it all in your head like it’s the part of the movie where EVERYTHING is going right for the main character (YOU!).  Many Olympic Athletes practice positive visualization techniques during training and science tells us that firm visualizations in full detail on a constant basis DO IMPACT PERFORMANCE.  Are you visualizing your auditions yet?

Actors Connection President