Show the best “you”

A.C.: Have you ever seen someone audition for a role that wasn’t so hot but wound up getting cast in the role?

DALE BROWN: This is a loaded question! So many factors go into casting a show. It’s not always the “best actor” or singer with the “most amazing vocals” that gets cast. There’s chemistry. There’s look. There’s concept. I can say, there are many that give amazing auditions who cannot be used at this time. You can only come in and show us the best “you.” Then let it go and allow the team to determine what best suits their needs. Focus on the things you can control and release those that are out of your hands.

DALE BROWN just finished leading a 5-week Musical Theater Showcase.Click here to learn more about the showcase.

Dale joined Tara Rubin Casting in 2007. His current specific projects with TRC include on-going casting for all US companies of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and the original casting of both BILLY ELLIOT, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and Des McAnuff’s production of GUYS & DOLLS.

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