Insider’s Secret Acting Tip #4

By Tony Nation

New York television series come and go, but they provide an abundant amount of work to New York actors and professionals. Our main staples having been the Law and Order franchises, NBC’s 30 ROCK, One Life to Live, Saturday Night Live and several talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.

Do you know who casts these shows?

Do you know what the new New York television series are and who’s casting them?

Have you submitted your updated picture and resume with a cover letter to all of these offices?

Have you taken an acting seminar in New York with a casting director from one of these offices if your agent or manager hasn’t gotten you in recently to be seen?

If not, here’s the information you NEED to know! The new NY TV series and who’s casting them:

Our long running NY TV series/shows:

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