Insider Acting Tips #5

by Tony Nation

If you are a TV actor or you want to pursue this area, you need to know your market. Make sure you watch all the new shows at least 4-5 times so that you know the style of the series, who the series regulars are and what their characters are like.

If you are called in for an audition, it will only help you when you get sides. Also, find an awesome New York acting coach who you can work with on-camera one on one to make sure you are prepared for any on-camera audition, whether it’s film or TV.

Keep an audition diary/journal of who you auditioned for and always send a postcard thanking that casting director for the audition. Keep that office updated with what you are doing once a month. Remember, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Also, if you change your headshot, send an updated p/r to that office for their files.

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