Top 10 Tips for Professional Actors in 2011, Pt. 1

By Tony Nation 2011 is almost here and there’s no better time than right now before the turn of the new year to get yourself ready for what looks to be a very busy audition season! Word from the networks is that there are going to be more pilots than ever being produced and cast—plus […]

A new sitcom about casting directors & agents!

Submissions Only is a new web series created by Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger (they also are writing, directing and producing the series) about New York casting directors, agents and actors working in the city. Guest stars in the series include Cady Huffman, Michael Rupert and more. Is it art imitating life or life imitating art? […]

So you had a bad day…

AC: Acting in New York City auditions can be tough. If an audition is going poorly — and you can sense that the actor knows it — is there anything the actor can do to turn it around and possibly get a call back? DALE BROWN (Veteran New York casting director): Those of us on […]

What are some things that actors can do
to put their time and efforts to better use?

By Brian O’Neil Performers acting in New York City think in a very linear way.  They subscribe to online casting services (which is fine), but aren’t learning to create quality audition opportunities for themselves, which is an important step towards your goal to perform in NYC. One very important thing that actors need to do […]

Stephanie Faith Scott: making her dreams come true

Stephanie Faith Scott is an Actors Connection client who performs in NYC and whose most satisfying acting experiences was playing a jilted bride in the independent feature film, The Video Guys, a film about a group of guys that video tape and photograph weddings. “It was something I found on Backstage,” she said. “At the time […]