Tonight! Tonight!

Okay, so we’ve been a little heavy on the self-promotion the last two posts but Richard Kline & Merri Sugarman are exceptions to the rule. 🙂

Merri Sugarman, in case you didn’t know is a casting director with Tara Rubin. Their office currently casting the Broadway and national tours of Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot, Shrek, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, Young Frankenstein, The Little Mermaid and The Phantom of the Opera. Not too bad, huh?

Merri will be leading a musical theater audition master class tonight at 6:30 pm at Actors Connection. If you are interested in learning more about the class, click here.

If you are interested in hearing the types of things you might learn from her at the NYC acting class, click below!

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