Insider Acting Tip #11

Now You Can Always be a LOCAL!

by Tony Nation

As a working actor performing in NYC, it’s important that agents and New York casting directors ALWAYS recognize your contact phone number as a local number.  You don’t want to lose work because the industry thinks you’re either out of town or too far away to get in for a last minute audition!

Now for FREE, you can get a Google Voice local phone number for incoming calls which is currently available only for users in the United States.[9] Users may select a single US phone number from various area codes. Incoming calls to the number may ring simultaneously any of the user’s configured phones or the account’s Google Talk feature. Based on the calling number, or contact group (e.g., Family, Friends, Work), or on time of day, e.g., disabling a home phone during business hours and routing calls to mobile or business number, individual numbers may be configured to ring. The service also features voicemail with indexable automated voicemail transcription, accessible via a web browser, e-mail, or by phone. The number of rings before voicemail takes over is preset, however, and cannot be changed by the user. Google Voice provides automatic blocking of known numbers, e.g., telemarketers, the ability to switch lines in mid-call, differentiated voice mail greetings based on caller, SMS forwarding, and call recording.

Check out this video for more information on Google Voice, it’s features and how to get set up:

Now whether you’re in NY or LA or Chicago, you can now always have a local number for your business of acting!


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