Elizabeth Taylor: RIP

It’s hard to believe that Elizabeth Taylor is no longer alive. She was an actress who successfully transitioned from child actress to 2-time Academy Award winner. She also was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the 1981 revival of Lillian Helman’s The Little Foxes.

The list of her honors and awards go on and on. She was from a different era but will certainly be remembered for decades to come.

The entertainment world may never see the likes of her again. In Thursdays’s New York Times, William J. Mann noted  that “Ms. Taylor was the first celebrity to really make her personal life a vital part of the trajectory of her stardom.” and that ” Elizabeth Taylor’s dictum that fame is an exchange with the public.”

She wasn’t a Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen. She was Hollywood royalty.

Elizabeth Taylor is the very reason many of us were inspired to pursue acting classes in New York in the first place.

Many lessons can be learned from her life and career. She was a great actress, great personality, great humanitarian and more.

Take a break from you life in the next week or two and watch one of her works — from National Velvet to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Butterfield 8 or even The Flintstones. Acting in New York City wouldn’t be the same without her.

Sure, she had some ups and downs but what a career, right?

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