Self-Inspiration: Love Your Product, Love Yourself

Self-Inspiration: Love Your Product, Love Yourself

Ever go to an audition and you look around the waiting room and think “wow I feel like I am sitting in a room of a whole bunch of people just like me — how on earth am I going to get this role? What can I do to be different?” It’s time you started praciticing self inspiration and self-love.

We’ve all been there.  It’s especially freaky when it looks like you’ve all shopped the same store for your outfits and seemingly went to the same hair stylist.

BUT– YOU!  You ARE NOT them.  They ARE NOT you.

You’ve lived a life of unique experiences, circumstances and emotions.  Your brain connects thoughts differently.  Your heart loves differently.  You give and take differently.

If you bring honest and authentic connection with the script into the room, play specific verbs and intentions and show off that sliver of your natural self– you will automatically BE different.  You don’t need to “play” different.  It’s just there…in you, in your intentions.  After all, they called YOU in— not the idea of you– YOU.

YOU are what YOU are selling…and for me, I believe in ONLY selling things I LOVE- because it is easy!  and fun!  And truthful.

Do you LOVE what you are selling?

Is it time you get back to self-love?


[Photo Kindly by Jude Beck]

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