What is “IT” Factor in Actors

What is “IT” Factor in Actors?

What is “IT” Factor in Actors?

They’ve got it.

They’re successful.

They have that “je ne sais quoi.”

The room changes when they walk in.

I can’t take my eyes off of them.

We’ve heard or even said these phrases about talented actors before… but no one quite pinpoints exactly what that feeling is.

Well I’m here to tell you— It’s Energy.

Now I don’t mean energy so much as in bouncing off the walls, 3 coffees deep type of energy. I mean internal vibrational energy made up of two primary things… CONFIDENCE and POSITIVITY.

The energy of someone who walks into an audition with training, experience and a positive self-affirming outlook is measurably different than someone who walks in with the energy of desperation for a booking. That desperation has usually eroded confidence, EVEN if the person is well trained and talented. Both desperation and lack of confidence are also indicators of a negative and self-destroying outlook– and this energy will lose you the job before you even open your mouth.

Casting Directors are experts in matching the energy of the actor, to the energy of the opportunity. They have spent thousands of hours assessing the “fit” of a person for a role and a project and they weigh everything from the ability to handle the character with craft and ease to the ability to work seamlessly with the on-set production team. These questions have always transcended look and resume to include the ENERGY of the performer.

So you need to FEEL like the right choice so you can give off the RIGHT energy in order to book the job.

Well how do you do that?

Here’s a few tips:

1. FULLY PREPARE. Do ALL of your actor homework. Get as off-book as humanly possible. Know your backstory, intentions and immerse yourself in WHO this character is.

2. BRING YOURSELF TO THE WORK. They want YOUR take, not a second hand version of what you think someone ELSE would do/ Find a way to personalize the work and bring your own sense of uniqueness to it.

3. MEDITATE that day. Get yourself in the zone. Clear your mind and center yourself so you can stay crystal clear and focused

4. VISUALIZE your success. Have fun imagining what a great audition looks and FEELS like. Rehearse the FEELINGS. This does WONDERS for your energy

5.DON’T RUSH. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and plenty of time to perform.

6. STAY POSITIVE. Keep holding onto the joy that brought you here in the first place and stay committed to thinking positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities!

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From Hobby Actor to Professional: Here's 5 Tips to Help you Get There

From Hobby Actor to Professional: 5 Tips to Help you Get There

From Hobby Actor to Professional: Here’s 5 Tips to Help you Get There

So many people begin their love of the industry thru school or community theatre and it just blossoms from there… but making the jump from hobbyist to professional is not an easy step for many actors. Enjoy these 5 helpful tips when making the leap into paid performance opportunities as an actor.



The work of an actor is NEVER done. You need to constantly expand your skills and practice what you have learned time and time again. A series of community theatre or school productions does not equivalent real training with experienced educators. Find a teacher who is passionate about the craft that challenges you to be better. And don’t be the best person in your acting class… aggressive learning and training doesn’t happen when things are easy. Allow yourself to be in a classroom where it feels HARD!



Professional actors spend hours each day working on moving their career forward. I suggest protecting hours each day to do this. During this time, you should be researching industry trends, opportunities, potential partners, learning new materials, marketing yourself, tending to emails and more. You need to be an expert in what types of opportunities are out there for you, who you need to know to get them, and how to start building those relationships. This requires a daily commitment.



In order to be seen as a professional and get paid for your work, you’ll need to get REALLY picky on what work you decide to do for free. You can’t expect others to value your work if you don’t. Giving things away constantly does not create a sense of value. I’ve seen this be a hard step for actors– but it is very important. Only take on free projects that could have MAJOR impact on your career thru connections or big resume credits— and even then— be really really picky. Do you need another role like this on your resume? Or does your resume already show you can do that type of part? Will the time you put in be worth what YOU receive for doing the project? Draw a line for yourself and hold yourself to valuing your contributions and performances. If YOU don’t do this for yourself, NO ONE ELSE WILL.



Maybe your sister-in-law is a good photographer and does a fabulous job at your family photos– but that doesn’t always make her a good choice for a headshot photographer. It is very worthwhile to select a photographer who is experienced in this area. Notable headshot photographers have an understanding of what types of shots help actors get work and how to creatively obtain an organic shot from you. You should have a photographer who understands characters and storytelling so they can help you achieve pictures that clearly broadcast the emotions of the most common characters you can play. Headshot photographers also know the difference between a good picture of you and a good HEADSHOT of you. Just because a picture is flattering doesn’t make it a good headshot. You need to look just like you on a good day– not an over airbrushed magazine cover model.



There are tons of information on how to go about the path of becoming a working actor and it can feel overwhelming at times. I strongly suggest that all actors find a mentor in the business; someone who is working professionally who has learned the ropes and can help you avoid mistakes and missteps along the way. As you go about your journey you’ll have questions about unions, contracts, pay rates and representation. It is enormously helpful to have a go-to person (or people) to help you learn professional protocols and standards along the way.


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Skill-Adjacent Income Ideas for Actors

Skill-Adjacent Income Ideas for Actors

Skill-Adjacent Income Ideas for Actors 

Even though the entertainment industry is working hard on adjusting to the health requirements of a pandemic, we are still seeing so many actors out of work.  Now, more than ever, is it important for performers to utilize their creative capabilities in new ways to build income generating opportunities for themselves. Skill-Adjacent Income Ideas for Actors

There have always been locally driven opportunities to make money from your entertainment skillset in your community— and it doesn’t even have to be an actor gig– just skill adjacent.

As a performer, you have cultivated MANY skillsets in both arenas of creativity and interpersonal relationships.  Don’t underestimate YOUR VALUE when using these secondary skills out in the world.

Here are some examples of services you can offer for extra income at this time using your actor skillset– but don’t limit yourself to these ones!  Use them as a jumping off point for your own ideas during this time!

Authenticity Help for A Sales Team  

Did you know that many sales organizations use scripts?  There are many teams out there with their lines, improv-ing when necessary.  As a performer, maybe you could help them adjust their scripts to their audience, bring more authenticity to individual presentations and show how salespersons can employ “intention”  and “actions” to be more riveting in their performances.. I mean, sales pitches!

Social Media Video Consultant

Everyone has local neighborhood brands they love.  Is your brand doing a good job educating the public about their product and generating excitement?  Do you have commercial training that can help them fine tune their language and messaging?  Maybe you would be willing to self-produce a few videos or a podcast on your own for their page (and for an appropriate fee!)?  How can you partner with local businesses you love so you both can reach new goals?

Online Storyteller

Schools, non-profits and families are looking for safe new ways to engage kids right now. If you are a tremendous story-teller (especially one that can improvise) maybe you can connect with schools, YMCA’s or even local families as a new service to engage kids in stories that have a goal or an impact point.  Can you creatively teach about bullying thru a story?  About kindness?  About Math?  Can you do a Q&A as a famous literary character for a local school?  Can you adapt a story to your exact audience so a group feels like the whole thing was just for them?  How can you use your story-telling skills to support local individuals who are struggling to find fun new ways for their kids to learn right

I hope these ideas got you thinking about how you can use your years of experience to bring in additional income at this time.  You are valuable… and so is what you bring to the world. Think about your skills outside of the confinements of plays and tv shows and enjoy what doors may open up for you.

Hopefully this gave you inspiration around skill-adjacent income ideas for actors . Be sure to check out our online acting classes, intensives, and special events

Photo Kindly by Randy Fath on Unsplash.

Gratitude as A Business Technique

As Thanksgiving approaches we remember the importance of gratitude in our everyday life– but often forget to weave it into our career!  Here are 5 ways to bring gratitude into your acting business this month.
1) After an educational event, write a follow-up thank you card to the educator/industry guests.  Get special thank you postcards with your headshot on them (and Reproductions can help you do that!).

2) Who have you worked with in the past that made a lasting impact on you?  Maybe someone gave you advice that changed the way you saw yourself, your process or your psychology in this field?  Use gratitude as a reason to reconnect!

3) En route to an audition, pull your mental state into one of gratitude and joy.  Gratitude for the appointment.  For your health so you can make it to the appointment.  Gratitude for the materials created to land you the appointment. Let that energy fill you up and give you confidence.  Many things aligned so you could get in that room— you deserve to be there!

Show Gratutide and Kindness

4) Gratitude for Fellow Creators!  In order for more and more actors to receive jobs– more and more work must be created.  We are lucky to be living in a time where internet TV is bringing forth many new opportunities for actors.  Know an up and coming creator?  Support their project!  Donate to their Go Fund Me, sign up for their email blast, or volunteer to help on set/in the theatre/with the launch.  Your kindness may lead to many new opportunities.

5) Show kindness and gratitude for ALL members of the project.  I heard a story a few months ago about an actor who had a small role on set but was so beloved by cast and crew due to his perfect graciousness that they KEPT WRITING HIM BACK IN.  There are so many ways we are connected to others in this industry, and a wonderful attitude noticed by any member of the team could have beautiful ripples in your career.  Everyone matters.

Hope you enjoyed this small list.

In gratitude for YOU,
Colleen Kahl