Choosing the Right Acting Program for Your Child

img_3365There are plenty of kids’ acting programs out there, but how can you tell which program would be a good fit for your child? Whether your son or daughter is looking for major roles or just having fun learning to act, there are several key elements that can reveal whether or not a particular acting school or program is a good choice.

Actors Connection strongly focuses on these 3 ideas and encourages you to put them to the test. Our studio offers both free on-camera opportunities to try as well as Casting Director & Agent intensives and a stellar summer camp!

  1. A Variety of Programs Under One Roof: Does the school you are considering offer a full spectrum of class options for your child to participate in? More options means an opportunity to explore many different aspects of acting within the familiarity of a single school and team of staffers. Familiarity and comfort are important when it comes to helping children learn to act. Find a school that feels good to you and your child, and which offers an ongoing selection of classes for them to experience.
  2. The Acting Business—For Kids: All too many parents make the mistake of thinking that the business aspects of professional acting don’t apply to children. Quite simply, they do. Casting directors expect child actors to be prepared and professional. This includes not goofing off in the waiting room when your child is awaiting his or her turn to try for a part. A reputable kids’ acting school will include training and preparation for children who wish to step into the world of professional acting.
  3. Support, not Pressure: We’ve all seen those reality TV shows where seemingly obsessed parents push and pull and drag their children from show to competition and back again. An acting program you can trust will provide programs and seminars that help not just children but their caretakers, too, to understand the nuances of professional acting. Children need respect and support to achieve their personal best—and to have fun while doing so! Make sure your child’s acting program provides compassionate guidance.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to screen for the best acting program for kids in New York City. Take a look at the variety of programs for children and teens that we offer, and be sure to explore our seminars as well to learn more about the business of acting. Your child will benefit from your due diligence, and you’ll help him or her start their acting career off on a healthy, happy and positive note.

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