You’ve got to please yourself.

Roz Coleman, actress, acting coach, and podcast host recently took the time to answer the question, “What’s the best advice someone has offered you?” Here is her response:

It was an observation that came from August Wilson…  It was when we were on Broadway in SEVEN GUITARS and it was more of an observation that I made over time.

August Wilson had so much joy about his role in the work and he had a recognition of who he was in the world. This made him about his work, it made him focus on the work.

I remember that I helped him join AOL and the screen name he chose for himself was “POWERSOURCE.” He knew who he was as the creator and storyteller. From that observation I knew that he was not apologetic about who he was but very comfortable.

The second observation that I made about him was that he always had the next play ready. Although he was grateful for his current success, he started talking about his next play. Wilson was always about the work. He knew it was important to dedicate time to his craft

You have to do your work, alone in a room creating. That’s what he talked about. It wasn’t on what was he had already done but what was coming.

Those observations translate into acting.

You can’t wait for permission for someone to tell you to create something. As an artist, you have to create every day. You have to create something. When you wait for the phone to ring, your instrument will atrophy.

Actor Sam Rockwell and I used to get together and read plays at each other’s house. If actors aren’t working, they should do the same. Sit down with some friends and and read some Tennessee Williams. Don’t talk about it. Get together and act it.

You have to be pleasing to yourself in your work.

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