So, you want to do voice overs?

AC: If people tell an actor that he should really consider doing voice overs — and he’s never done voice overs — how does he go about getting started?

Paul Liberti: Bottom line: Training! Good training. Never stop training. Find a great coach and learn all you can. Then experience OTHER teachers and professionals in the business. If you find a class that an agent or casting person is teaching… GO! To have the chance to find EXACTLY what a casting director is looking for… then by all means that is a golden opportunity (that is why I love the opportunities at Actors Connection as that is what they are all about!)! Find a good VO class in New York and a great coach and learn all you can.

Learn all aspects of voice over—not just commercial voice over and animation. Take a class in audio books… or narration, or promos!! Even if you never plan to go into those aspects of voice over, the techniques you learn will help your story telling skills and character building skills to make you the most competitive actor out there.

You don’t plan a career; it works around you. We compete for jobs and you need to be just a little more of yourself then the voice guy/girl out there!! You need to be ready for any curve ball thrown. I have classes for the WORKING actor because you should always be growing and studying. When it all seems too comfortable, you need to get back into class. Any actor of longevity will tell you the same.

Paul will be co-leading “Professional Voice Over Tune Up” tonight (Monday, January 3) at 6:30 pm and also will leading and co-leading other courses through March. Click here to learn more and register.

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