What are some ways that actors can put their money to better use?

Brian O'Neil

By Brian O’Neil

I see actors spending an awful lot of money going to the movies and purchasing plays. Let’s not forget an old-fashioned institute known as the library where almost all of the above is available for free. Also, if an actor is a SAG member, he or she should know that the SAG Film Society has an offer that for a reasonable annual fee, and actor can get a card and see films for free at a designated theater on W. 57th. Street. And, here’s one more, especially in our current economy.

Whenever you have a submission that you want to get special attention for a specific project, place your photo/resume and cover letter in one of the overnight “express” envelopes that the companies give away for free, fill out the attendant paper work and simply drop it off at its intended destination (even leave it at the door). Won’t cost you a dime, and it will get immediate attention!

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