Insider’s Secret Tips for Actors #1

by Tony Nation

It’s a fact!  I know that everyone in any profession is always looking for some secret tip or inside information to help them get that small edge on the competition.

Well, as the President of Actors Connection and also a consultant to actors now for over 10 years, I’ve gathered what I would call inside information because of my relation to pretty much 80% to 90% of the industry. I’ve participated in many, many events with them throughout my years of working at Actors Connection and have kept notes on what I think is some of the best advice as well as information and industry secrets.

So, now I’m going to be sharing with you that information once a week. Don’t miss out on the inside secrets, advice, input, tips and whatever else I can give you to help propel you forward in your acting career. It’s up to you to use it or not.

Insider’s Secret Tip #1

Are you an actor who is looking to build your Film credits? If TV and film are what you want to do, you need to be building your resume and film/TV reel in order to have agents seriously look at you. But how do you do that if you don’t already have much experience in these areas? Or if you’re a musical theatre actor wanting to either transition out of that career or simply wanting to explore other markets?

Some of the best ways to do just this, gain experience, credits and reel is to participate in student film programs.

One of the best film programs around, Columbia University Graduate Film School, now has a film casting site where you can register and upload your picture and resume to meet and work with some of the most promising film makers of tomorrow. Many of these student films go to film festivals and you just never know when one of the directors you have worked with hits it big and wants you in their next indie or feature film because they liked your work—it does happen. Here is the link to get started to upload your picture and resume:

The Digital Film Academy in the Film Center Building is another excellent program to build your film resume and experience as they are constantly in need of actors for all of their student films:

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