5 Ways to Not Get Accepted by a Top MFA Program by Brian O’Neil

It’s January and most of the graduate acting (MFA) programs will be holding auditions for a few thousand hopefuls who wish to enter. Having been a guest teacher at virtually every top program, and having sometimes been present during the decision-making, here are a few things I have found that are best avoided. 1. Write a […]

The Best Way to Prepare for Your Portrait or Headshot Session by Daisy Rey, Top NY Photographer

Models and actors need to have professional headshots to help them find work. The headshot is often their resume. Many people also enjoy having professional portraits of individuals or families that can be hung proudly in the home. There are many things that go into the best headshots and portraits. An experienced photographer that has […]

How to Keep a “Story” Monologue From Seeming Like a “Flashback” by Brian O’Neil

Actors are told, wisely so for the most part, to avoid monologues that tell a story.  You most likely know the kind.  They usually start with “When I was seventeen” or “It happened after I left home” or “I still remember the time” etc.  They are usually delivered with a kind of sameness that sucks […]

Inside the Industry: How to Get an Agent with Michael Imbimbo – Talent Agent and Founder of 9MUSE Talent Agency

How to Get an Agent?  This elusive question comes up a lot when I give seminars. When I was a performer, I always viewed agents with this mysterious they-will-solve-all-my-problems view and thought it would be near impossible to track one down. The real question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you’re ready […]

One Big Surprise About TV Call-Backs and Reading for Producers by Brian O’Neil

Here’s something  few actors– and their representatives–know about episodic television. I was talking recently to a writer/producer friend of mine who has held that position for years on a major hit New York television show.  Here is what he said:  “Let’s say there is an audition for our casting director for an episode guest star […]

8 Tips for Powerful Professional Relationships By Dallas Travers

We’ve all heard the old line in this business, “It’s all about who you know.” I believe that it’s less about who you know and more about how well you know them. One key to success is powerful relationships. So, here are eight simple tips to help you strengthen your professional relationships. 1. ADD VALUE […]

Why Choosing Monologues from Plays is Usually Best by Brian O’Neil

1.)  They were written to be performed live.  Unlike monologues from film and television, plays are written for one reason, and one reason only.  To be performed by a living, breathing human being in the presence of other living and breathing human beings.  They are about language.   The dialogue of a play moves the […]

Let’s Shut Up and Talk Demo Reels

Speak Easy caught up with Julian Rebolledo, Sean Kenin, and Ed Lewis, the team behind Shut Up and Talk. Voice actors Rebolledo and Kenin launched Shut Up and Talk in 2001 and for the next seven to eight years, the two coached, produced demos, and taught some voice over classes. In 2008, Julian wanted to […]

Why Being Yourself Will Land You the Role By Marci Phillips

Everyone on the planet has a very distinct personality. An actor may be defined as someone who observes and portrays a character’s psyche, but everything is ultimately filtered through one’s own prism. We all – actors, casting directors, producers and directors – come from a particular vantage point and bring our own unique life experience […]

7 Rules for Following Up With Casting Directors by Brette Goldstein

You’ve auditioned for a casting director. You received a good response. Now what? Here are some do’s and don’ts on following up: 1. Send a thank you note. If it’s an email or a card, a short and sweet message of gratitude is always nice to receive. I am still a sucker for handwritten cards. […]