Acting Career | 5 Important Questions Every Actor Should Ask Themselves Right Now

5 Important Questions Every Actor Should Ask Themselves

5 Important Questions Every Actor Should Ask Themselves Right Now Staying focused and positive during this pandemic can make a big difference when you get back in the running for great acting opportunities.  Fall also has this special way of inspiring us to get back to work and back to the goals we have in […]

10 Ways to Prepare for Online Acting Classes

10 Ways to Prepare for Online Acting Classes

That brat Covid-19 is still throwing a wrench in your plans so you’ve decided to embrace learning more about your craft online.  That is GREAT!  Using this time to your advantage is one of the smartest things you can be doing as an actor right now! As you prepare to put your best keystroke forward, […]

online acting school

Zooming in on the Pivot to Online Acting

Pivot to Online Acting? Many actors are drawn to performing because of their love of people and the thrill of an audience.  There is a kinetic creative energy that hovers in a room of artists that can be addictive to those who enjoy the craft.  Being in the same room of a beautiful performance changes […]

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Take Acting Classes Online!

2020 has been a wild, wild rollercoaster of a year. Actors Connection has had to change with the current times and as an online acting school offers a wide variety of classes, intensives and seminars for actors of all levels. Our online Zoom acting classes are being held Monday through Saturday with both day and evening programming. In addition to […]

Talent Agent

Talent Agent FAQ

Every actor at some point in their career wants to work with a talent agent. Why? First and foremost, to get better jobs. Agents have access to the Breakdowns put out by casting directors for their current projects. Once they receive the breakdown from casting, the agent starts submitting talent online from their roster that’s […]

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Retouching Headshots: Is It Really Necessary?

With Fall just around the corner, many actors are getting new headshots for the upcoming busy audition season. One of the common questions that many actors have is: “Is it really necessary to retouch my headshots?” We spoke with the specialists at Reproductions- Maurice and Fyzal to get their take on this question and more. […]

Do Your Homework Before an Audition to Improve Call Back Chances

Do Your Homework Before an Audition to Improve Your Chances of Being Called Back by Martin Bentsen

Who, what, where, when, why, and how? Before an audition, each of these is extremely important to figure out, not just for the character you’re playing, but also for the production itself. When working with actors, I’ve found that there are typically three types of people: 1. There’s the actor that just does a shotgun approach […]

Making It Happen: Build Your Inspiration

Making It Happen: Build Your Inspiration

If you had a magic wand, and you could create the exact life and inspiration you want, what would be in it? Who would be in it? Where would it be? Once you have that answer in your head, work backwards from that goal and write out the staircase to get there. What actions “lead-up” […]

A Note on Actor Research: Be Mindful

A Note on Actor Research: Be Mindful

Dear Actors, A little note on Actor Research. Be mindful of the questions you ask your industry contacts.  If you can GOOGLE the answer, or find it in a short internet search, I don’t suggest emailing your contacts for the answer instead just so your research is more convenient. Agents, Casting Directors and other industry […]

The Importance of Self-Talk | Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis

The Importance of Self-Talk

Let’s talk about your self-talk. This has come up a bunch of times recently. Isn’t it amazing that things you would never DARE to say to another person you are saying to yourself? There is a DIFFERENCE between helping yourself learn/grow/improve and tearing yourself apart.  Let’s take an audition for example.  Say you get in […]