Why are you not booking?

by Janet Wilcox

Want to perform in NYC?

First, remember you need to audition for a role that is right for you. Second, you have to have enough auditions to increase your odds of booking a job. Evaluate the kinds of parts you’re getting and see if you are likely to book these roles. If they aren’t a good fit, try to seek opportunities that are better suited to your talents.

Aside from that, examine your mindset. Are you focused on the work, or the worries? Sometimes actors sabotage their best efforts by censoring their thoughts. Doubt about your talent or your competition can hurt your performance. Make sure you commit to your character and don’t comment negatively on your audition.

Preparation goes a long way to assure success. Give yourself the time you need to be ready to give it your best shot. Make sure your technique is up to snuff by keeping it sharp in classes. A rusty instrument will not help with cold reads. Also, market your talents to increase your odds of getting more opportunities.

Finally, make sure you’re enjoying your life and not so desperate to get something that you can’t be creative. A good survival job that you feel comfortable with can help you patiently wait to land the perfect part. In addition, don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities such as independent films, webisodes, or volunteer projects where you may get a chance to stretch your talents and gain the confidence you need to perform well and book dream jobs in the future.

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Janet Wilcox is a voice-actor whose clients include E!, ABC, Lifetime, Kia, and AMC among others. She has worked as a writer, producer, and director on major promotion campaigns for HBO, A&E, and the History Channel. With Heyman Talent and the SAG Conservatory, she taught improv and voice-over workshops, and currently teaches a studio voice-over class at UCLA Extension. Ms. Wilcox also wrote, Voiceovers: Techniques and Tactics for Success.

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