Insider Acting Tip #12

Online Postcard Marketing

To perform in NYC, it’s important to know how to keep yourself top-of-mind for key players.

To postcard or not to postcard, that is the question!

Many actors that I meet don’t use postcards when marketing themselves to agents and New York casting directors.  But with so many actors in the business, you MUST set yourself apart as well as remind the industry that you are out there seeking either representation or work.

Postcards can be used as a thank you, a follow-up, a reminder of availability and more!  A postcard coming in at the right time can many times get you an audition or an agency interview.  As a tip, you should only postcard talent agents when you have something to sell (i.e. a callback or a booking) or after an interview to say thank you for the meeting.

Hard copy mailings of picture, resume and cover letters as well as postcards can be time consuming and laborious.  But what used to take hours and hours to postcard, label and stamp, now only takes minutes once you’ve done the initial setup.

Remember to put your main headshot that you are using on the front of your postcard with your name, contact number, email, website and union affiliations.

For Postcard Marketing, here are two online services that you can use for your business of acting that are both time and budget efficient:

Check them out to see which one is right for you!


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