What is the best was to prepare for an audition?

A.C.: If an actor is lucky enough to get an audition for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, what is the best way to prepare for the audition and what are some “no-nos”?

DALE BROWN: It may seem obvious, but the first thing is to fully prepare the materials sent. This doesn’t mean memorization, but know the characters, what they want. Know what you want to relay with the music not just the sound. Also, though knowing the style and context of the production are important, we want to know what you bring to the material, not a copy of what you may have seen in the show.

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Dale joined Tara Rubin Casting in 2007. His current specific projects with TRC include on-going casting for all US companies of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and the original casting of both BILLY ELLIOT, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and Des McAnuff’s production of GUYS & DOLLS.

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