A big mistake…

By Paul Liberti

I recently watched a demo coach direct a voice actor to give “one feeling” during a piece of commercial copy. That is the obvious mistake that many voice actors and less experienced coaches make. The reality is that you have to change during your copy. Even with just a line or two.


There is always constriction of thought – or conflict – and a release. For example, try the line: “I have a headache. I took an aspirin and now I feel better.”

Many actors would read that with a sense of satisfied relief. But you don’t sell the product that way. You need to play the conflict and the release.


For example, constrict your eyebrows and say, “I have a headache.”

Begin to relax your brow and say, “… so I took and aspirin.”

Now relax and widen your eyes and say, “… and now I feel better.”


Commercial copy is always about conflict and resolution. Play them both if you are given the chance to do so! Commercial copy has to change. It does not have only one feeling!

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