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How do you get cast on Law & Order: Criminal Intent?

If you want to be cast on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the best place to start is by talking to a New York casting director. The easiest way to do that is to take an all-day class at Actors Connection with Kevin Kuffa, head casting director. Coincidentally, there’s an all-day New York acting seminar […]


Insider Acting Tip #10

The Perfect Resume: Part 2 by Tony Nation Your resume should list your credits in three columns with title of show or film in the first column, role in the second column and theater/production company/network in the third column. If you list directors, they should be names that will be recognized otherwise don’t list them! […]


Insider Acting Tip #9

The Perfect Resume-Part 1 by Tony Nation Now that you’ve got a few New York acting seminars under your belt, your headshot and resume are your TWO most important tools in your show business arsenal. Your resume is not only your body of work, it’s also your list of referrals. Here are some tips for […]


What is the best was to prepare for an audition?

A.C.: If an actor is lucky enough to get an audition for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, what is the best way to prepare for the audition and what are some “no-nos”? DALE BROWN: It may seem obvious, but the first thing is to fully prepare the materials sent. This doesn’t mean memorization, but know the […]


Insider’s Secret Acting Tip #4

By Tony Nation New York television series come and go, but they provide an abundant amount of work to New York actors and professionals. Our main staples having been the Law and Order franchises, NBC’s 30 ROCK, One Life to Live, Saturday Night Live and several talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman. Do […]


How much does professionalism matter?

Erica Palgon offers her perspective on “professionalism.” Are you “professional” at you audition? Does talent weigh more than professionalism? If you can’t ask Lindsay Lohan, perhaps watching this short video with Erica might suffice… Click here to learn about more upcoming seminars with casting directors. Learn more about professionalism by attending some of our fabulous […]


What makes a great headshot?

by Joe Henson, photographer Acting in New York City requires having a great headshot, but what exactly makes a headshot great? A great headshot is the perfect balance of quality, individuality, and effectiveness. A great headshot works on two levels: First esthetically – it looks good to the eye, even upside down. It grabs the […]


Box Office Fridays: The Dilemma

Have you wondered why I’m calling this “Box Office Fridays”? Well its because movies usually premier (with some exceptions) on a Friday AND my actor business development company is call Act Outside the BOX. Seemed a natural fit and I love to do things with alliteration, number sequences, colors…you know marketing CAN be creative! One […]


Box Office Friday

By Lisa Gold Starting today, and every Friday, I’ll be offering an insider’s point of view on the Business of Show. Most actors are addicted to the craft and artistry of acting…and that’s a good thing. However, it’s only half of what you need to know to be a successful actor. Imagine one of your […]