You can expose your child to more chances to sing than he or she will get in his local school or community theater at home. The more versatility your child has, the more success he or she will have in this business. We know that and do everything possible to provide your child with the training, advice, and experience needed in all talent aspects of this business. Singing, dancing, acting, drama, comedy. Our cabaret performances and showcases put him, put her center stage to show off the talent he, she was born with, and the skills he, she has acquired with us.

Our Kid Singing Classes Will Polish and Hone Talents and Abilities.

Let’s be honest and upfront: The world of show business is a tough place for kids. The more your child can do on stage with poise and confidence, the more success he or she will have in the real world. Through our program, both in classroom settings and on our professional stage, your child will have great singing opportunities for kids and practice to gain that stage presence needed to look and feel comfortable, at home, and at ease in this very adult milieu. The more comfort and nonchalance your child exhibits on stage and in the spotlight, the better his, her chances are of success. This confidence is a quality that will further your child’s success in ALL areas of his or her life!

Actors Connection’s Unique Kid Singing Opportunities Through Insider Connections

Let’s face it. The musical theater world is tough and demanding where only the most talented and connected can succeed. Actors Connection can offer your child singing opportunities beyond what they’d get at just about any other school. The difference lies with our insider connections. Through our programs, they’ll have access to not just any acting world, but the inside universe of New York City theater. Located just a few blocks from Broadway itself, your child will work hand in hand with industry professionals, meet talent scouts and professional casting agents, and get to interact with real Broadway stars. If your child is going to succeed in this business, they need the best resources they can get. Actors Connection has helped children like yours land Broadway roles and achieve their dreams.