Even Serious Actors Need Professional Drama Advice

Being an actor isn’t easy, which is why many choose to work with a seasoned acting coach who can give them pointers with a critical eye. He or she serves as the audience, or can take the place as a casting director and tell you exactly what you’re missing before you do the audition. The drama guide can tell you when you are not articulating properly or when you overact. He or she can help you hone the character to make it more real.

Even serious, trained actors can stumble over getting the emotions right on a complex character, so the drama coach can help give them some outside perspective so they can really get into the character. Some are hired by production companies and even work with lead actors, while some help non-professional actors discover their inner stage presence. They help solve the technical issues of acting to bring out the best in the performer. As such, they tend to earn good money, especially if they are working for professional theater productions.

Finding a Comfortable Coach

Make sure you work with someone you are comfortable with, who understands the role you are trying to play. A good rule of thumb is to choose someone who has already been where you want to go. Check out their bio to see if they’ve already mastered the role you’re trying to learn.