You’ve seen them. The actors in commercials that play between your favorite prime time drama, or after the morning news, or during the Superbowl. Those well paid actors deliver the copy that so many advertisement and brand executives slave over. And they get paid for it. Handsomely. Don’t be fooled. Those actors didn’t just waltz into those commercials. They worked hard to get an agent that could get them the auditions that lead to booking a commercial. If you think you have what it takes to be in a commercial, there’s really only one way to find out: by taking a commercial class, New York actor!

Advertising Class New York Style: Making Copy Your Own

A lot of people might think that acting in a commercial is easy. Or maybe they think commercial actors aren’t as serious as other kinds of actors. But the truth is, the actors who can convince a casting director that they have the ability to sell a product are sometimes more skilled than other actors in other fields. Simply because they must take commercial copy and make it their own. It’s one thing to say “I love you,” in a dramatic scene. It’s another to talk about how much Pampers has made your life easier and mean it. That’s what taking a class that teaches how to act in advertising is all about.

A New York Commercial Class Gives You the Skills to Pay the Rent Before the Big Break

Sure, you want to do Broadway, star in movies, be a big star. What actor doesn’t? But you also have bills to pay. The truth is that acting in commercials can help provide a paycheck until you land that big break. Plus, many actors were discovered after first doing commercials. Remember when Jay Leno was in every Dorito ad on Prime Time? And some actors, even great ones like George Clooney, still do commercials because of the big pay check. But commercial acting isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes a specific set of skills to be able to sell a product. Learn how it’s done by signing up for an Actors Connection commercial class. You’ll improve your acting range, and have another tool in your toolbox to help you make the rent as you strive to succeed as an actor in this challenging field.