The Importance of VO Classes for Your Acting Career

People don’t actually see those who do voice overs, but that doesn’t mean you’re invisible. “Whether the general public chooses to acknowledge it or not, voice-over matters,” Geena Davis once said in an interview. “Everyone watches movie trailers, everyone sees commercials on television or they hear them on the radio and that is power.” A voice over class can connect you to that power, and more importantly, land a real acting job that pays the bills as you look for your big break.

Many Stars Have Done Voice Over

Leslie Nielsen, the star of the Naked Gun movies, first started out in voice over, narrating commercials and several science documentaries long before his famous role in the Airplane movies. He had a distinctive voice that was perfect for voice overs, one that added credibility and fun to the rote science documentary. Peter Coyote continues to do voice over for the Ken Burns films with a voice that adds authenticity and drama to the history portrayed. Even Morgan Freeman has supplied voice over to the recent Conan the Barbarian movie. Good voice over is far from generic. It’s real acting, and in many ways requires a particular skill most actors overlook.

VO Classes Essential to an Actor’s Training

Taking a VO class is critical to an actors training. Beyond actually doing voice overs, a class that teaches you how to use your voice can vastly improve your auditioning capabilities. You’ll be able to just read a script and provide the right voice. It helps you think on your feet, an essential skill for any actor.