Does your teen belt out show tunes in the shower? Sing along with the radio? Participate in her school or church choir and gravitate to center stage? Actors Connection can offer your teen singing opportunities needed to take those first steps for success in musical theater. We have the facilities and talented instruction to give your teen all the tools he or she will need to get started in this exciting world of live theater. Our classes and seminars will take you and your teen step by step through the entire process, from the skills needed for auditioning – to the actual singing and dancing on stage.


Teen Singers Start Here


Do you want to further your son or daughter’s singing career? Here at Actors Connection, we can help. Broadway — and its great hit musicals — resides just a few blocks away from our facility. Our instructors are some of the best entertainment professionals in the business who step out from their regular jobs and come into our classrooms equipped, not only with hands-on knowledge, but also with real-world experience and contacts. They are ready to share this information with your child with the goals of, not only leading your child to individual success, but an interest in finding the next big star of stage and film.

Actors Connection’s Professional Summer Arts Camp Offers Teen Singing Opportunities and the Chance to Work with Professional Broadway Stars

What will your child be doing this summer? Sitting in front of the TV playing video games or learning to become a star? This summer, take advantage of Actors Connection’s kid singing opportunities available at our Professional Summer Arts Camp. They’ll spend a week working with professional performers and learning what it takes to become a professional actor. They’ll be introduced to casting directors and talent agents in film, TV, commercials and theater. Our summer program features commercial agent and casting director showcase, the opportunity to meet with professional Broadway stars, and tickets to a Broadway show. Introduce your kid to the world of professional acting this summer with the opportunity to become the next big child star!