You’ve most likely seen your child on stage in local community theater productions and school plays. Now picture your teen in a performance in NY — the Big Apple, the center of live theater and entertainment in the whole of the United States. Our venue is located just a few blocks from the heart of the theater district on the Big White Way, just around the corner from such classic theaters as the Gershwin (Wicked), the August Wilson (Jersey Boys), and the Foxwoods (Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark). The excitement and energy vibrating on the surrounding streets is contagious and will almost pulse in your child’s veins as he or she expands her wings to take that first big step into a sparkling world of possibilities.

Make It Possible to Give Your Child a Show in NY.

Our instructors and organizers know the importance of actual on-stage experience for our young students. At Actors Connection you have the chance to provide training for an aspiring teen actor. This is a place like no other, with professional lighting, sets, catwalks and backdrops, an environment similar to those of the big time just a few blocks away. When your child’s big break comes her way, because of the experiences at our school, she will already have had enough experience in the center of the spotlight to have put any stage fright behind her and to claim her place in this exciting and vibrant career with poise and confidence.

Helping Your Teen Achieve Their Dream of Performing in NY

Of course, Broadway is no high school production. It takes a lot to land a gig in New York City. But Actors Connection will teach your teen the ropes. We feature an extensive range of classes designed specifically for the teen aspiring to perform on a New York City stage. These aren’t your typical drama classes, but courses taught by industry professionals who understand Broadway. Your teen will meet with professional casting directors and talent agents. They’ll even perform in stage productions that have actual talent agents in the audience looking for the next great sensation. Give your teen the ultimate in opportunities to truly hone their talent and be the best that they can be. Help them pursue their dreams and learn this city from the industry insiders who know it best.