Everyone knows that show business can be a tough business, and of course, you want your child to have a normal and happy experience growing up. Our summer acting classes in NYC offer many programs and seminars during your child’s summer break from the regular school year. Your child can continue his or her regular education in your familiar local school system and attend our programs as summer enrichment activities. Our summer acting program offers opportunities that cannot be found in your local environment, but will certainly enrich your child’s life with experiences and memories he or she will cherish for a lifetime.

Theater Classes in the Summer, Winter, Year-Round

Networking in the entertainment field is a necessary skill and opportunity to further one’s career, which can never start too early. In addition to providing your child with classes and lessons presented by various professionals in the business, our drama classes in the summer attract students and participants from all over the country, giving your child the chance to form friendships from across the nation that can open both doors and minds. And your child’s experience in our classrooms and on our stage will give him poise and confidence that will be carried over into his or her regular school classes and extra-curricular activities.

Actors Connection’s Summer Camp a Once in a Lifetime Experience for Children

Summer is a great time for kids. Shouldn’t it be the opportunity of a lifetime? At Actors Connection’s Performing Arts Summer Camp, your child will get a taste of Broadway, literally. They’ll work one on one with industry professionals, meet with commercial agents and casting directors. They’ll get to meet Broadway stars and learn to perform on the stage. They’ll take professional grade workshops in theater and dance that will enrich their lives. And they’ll get to experience a real Broadway show. Give your child that once of a lifetime experience. It’s something they’ll never forget and cherish for the rest of their lives. And who knows? They might even meet the industry insider that helps them become a star someday.