LORI MALKIN, Casting Director, Paladino Casting

Q&A/Sides with a Reader ONE on ONE

Monday, September 23, 2019, 6:00pm

Price: $30.00

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After a Q&A she'll see Sides with a Reader ONE on ONE

***The sides for this seminar are available through your Actors Connection account upon registration. You also have the option to bring in your own 2-3 page scene. Please remember to bring an extra copy of your chosen sides for the reader.***

Lori Malkin

Lori started her career at Casting House in 2003, a full service casting company focusing on film, TV and commercials. There, she worked on several indie features that discovered talented actors that you now see on the big screen today. Lori also worked for Discovery Networks as their Talent Coordinator. There, she worked on casting hosts for all 10 Networks. After Discovery, Lori continued to freelance with Casting House, where she cast several projects with Miramax and Michael Bay's Amityville Horror. She also worked on shows for ABC, NBC, MTV and BBC.

For the last 10 years, Lori has been freelancing at Paladino Casting, where she has worked on NBC's Taxi Brooklyn and several indie features/shorts, some of which have won awards at film festivals.

Lori also has her own company, LB Casting, where she produces and casts her own projects. She cast a web series for TIME Inc, an award and festival winning web series Q's One Night Stands, the play A Room of My Own and most recently the indie feature, By Dawn. By Dawn is premiering at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival this February. She is currently casting a scripted podcast for Slate and has several indie features coming up for this year.

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