Every child dreams of his or her future. At Actors Connection, you can help your teen fulfill his dream to perform in NYC. Our intensive classes and seminars put your child into the hands of instructors who will train and guide your child down the many paths to that successful first big break in the world of live entertainment. Before a cadre of professionals, your teen can shine in the limelight to show off his or her best talents. A core group of trained personnel and professionals in the business are able to assume control of your child’s training, giving him or her the tools, drive, and encouragement to move and perform with ease among his/her peers and competitors.

We Can Make It Happen A Chance for You to Showcase in NYC

At Actors Connection, your teen will act in New York City in front of an audience filled, not only with doting parents and the general public, but also talent agents, casting directors, and personal managers, all looking for the next big star of stage or screen. These are professionals working with television shows and productions everyone is familiar with: Law & Order, Sleepy Hollow, Blue Bloods, and many others. After instructing your child in various seminars and classes, they will watch as your teen puts his/her learning on display center stage on our Broadway venue, an experience that can’t be had anywhere else in the country.

Help Your Child Achieve Their Dream to Perform in NYC

Everyone wants to perform on the professional stage in New York City. What will help your child stand apart? Actors Connection features one of the top networking and educational acting studios for children in New York City. We’ll help give your child that edge that can set him or her apart in this extremely competitive field. They’ll work hand in hand with professional actors in the industry, and get to meet talent scouts and casting directors who are looking for the next big sensation. We’ll help your child build the network it takes to be discovered. Many of our students have gone on to become child stars on Broadway, in commercials and on film. Maybe your child will be our next success story.