I came into show business as an actor. I grew up acting on stage and even got both my SAG and AEA card. But at one crucial moment, I realized I was thinking more about the cast of a given film or television show (why it worked, why it didn’t, and what I would have done differently). When people ask me what I love about working in New York, casting film and television, I tell them that I love actors. My job is similar to a painter in that I can put a cast of people together and truly affect the tone and texture of a production.

Grit and Grind Makes Better Actors, or So New York Agent Says

I’ve worked in LA and Chicago, and I’ve met many talented actors from all over the world. But time and time again, I prefer to cast out of New York because the performers living and working in New York City have an edge to them. Some people say this is a cliché, but I believe that the grit and grind of Big Apple living strips away a layer of artifice that exists in other places, on other faces, so to speak. There’s something exciting about the New York acting market, perhaps something to do with the fact that it’s an island 12 miles long and 2.5 miles wide.

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The truth is that every one of the actors I’ve worked with would be absolute nobodies if they hadn’t made that critical connection with a casting director. In addition to teaching the skills to act on the screen and stage, Actors Connection can also help you make those important connections. Our New York casting page features an extensive listing of all upcoming New York castings. You need to have an account and be a member of Actors Connection, but this a great resource for finding the audition that just might be that big break. Actors Connection can not only help you score auditions, but teach you how to master them. We feature numerous classes and seminars on mastering the audition. Actors Connection is a great resource to help launch your acting career.