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A Brief Check List for Choosing New York Acting Schools

What to Look for in Professional Drama Programs

New York acting schools come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can too often feel like a blind date. Here are a few things to consider that will make the choice easier. Above all, however, listen to your gut. Acting is fueled by the butterflies in your stomach. Listen to what they are trying to say.

Study the Bios of the Theater Program's Instructors

It is critical to study under real actors who know the trade, know how to audition and get gigs. Are these actors taking the time to teach, or just teachers pretending to be actors? Look for real experience that goes beyond community productions.

Is the Drama Department Accredited?

If the theater program is reputable, it should carry some kind of accreditation from a third party, which conveniently means you can get student financial aid to help with the cost. Also, look up the school's ranking and what kind of roles alumni have been able to land after graduating. In addition to learning how to act, a good drama department will also help you find the connections that will prove key to launching your career. Do they work with professional agents or other talent scouts? It's about who you know, and those connections begin with your education.