Online SEMINAR with DAVID ELLIOTT, Commercial Agent, Buchwald

Q&A/Commercial Copy ONE on ONE

Friday, July 9, 2021, 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Price: $39.00

From one of NY's top agencies, David handles on-camera commercials and voiceovers for this bi-coastal agency.

David is interested in meeting new, talented actors of All Types - All Ethnicities. David has signed many AC actors over the years and is always on the look out for more!

After a Q&A he'll see Commercial Copy ONE on ONE

What to Prepare:

After the virtual Q&A, David would like to see Commercial Copy ONE on ONE


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David Elliott

A highly respected commercial agent, David has been at Don Buchwald for over 30 years. He's recently booked his clients in commercials for IBM, Campbell's Soup, Target, Shop-Rite, Citizen's Bank, Slimfast and Rockstar Video Games.


Friday, July 9, 20217:00 pm

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