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PrimetimePrimetime TV Festival- ON CAMERA

Showcase to 4 TOP NY CD's All in ONE DAY! AM Session

Saturday, October 20th at 10:45am OR 2:45pm
Our biggest and most popular event! SHOWCASE to FOUR INCREDIBLE Casting Directors who focus on Primetime TV and Pilots all in one jam-packed morning!
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Primetime TVPILOT SEASON Primetime TV Festival- ON CAMERA! Showcase to 6 TOP NY Casting Directors All in ONE DAY! AM Session

Price: $279.00

10:45 am - Our biggest and most popular event! SHOWCASE to SIX INCREDIBLE Casting Directors who focus on Primetime TV and Pilots all in one jam-packed morning!

For this event you may pick from online scenes once you've registered, or submit a 2-3 page TV scene of your choice for consideration.

The day will start with a informative Q & A, then scenes with a reader ON CAMERA presented to half the guests, short break, and scenes reworked on the basis of the earlier critique for the other half of the guests. The panel we've assembled is not to be believed!

Scheduled guests are:

Kate Clifford, Bowling/Miscia Casting FIRST TIME GUEST! from this HIGH PROFILE Casting office previous credits include QUANTICO and HAPPY
Satchel Buck Jones, Estrin/Bergstein Casting. Some previous credits include: BILLIONS, NEON JOE: WEREWOLF HUNTER, CONHEIST, DABKA, and CAN YOU FORGIVE HER at the Vineyard Theatre.
Jill Pettigrew, Casting Assoc. at MAJOR NETWORK! (Jill recently joined the team alongside Clint Alexander at this Major Television Network.)
Lain Kunin, Julie Schubert Casting FIRST TIME GUEST! from this HIGH PROFILE Casting office currently working on several NETFLIX series!

Ashley Ingram, Casting Associate, Billy Hopkins Casting (credits include the hit series EMPIRE, feature/indie films and pilots)
...and the brilliant Blaine Johnston, TV Casting

Advice and feedback will be brilliant and will immediately affect your audition results! Plus you'll walk away with written feedback from the guests.

WVM logo*** Scenes will be recorded on-camera. As a courtesy, your video clips will be made available to you within a week. An email notification will be sent when the clips are available to view and download from your Actors Connection account. Please note: from time to time technical issues do occur. As a result video clips are a courtesy, not a guarantee.***

Please upload your headshot and create a resume in your online account and SEND US SIX HEADSHOTS AND RESUMES UPON REGISTRATION and upload your HS to your online account!

"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Film & TV Intensive on July 20. It featured an exciting and varied panel of guests that I am usually on the lookout for at Actor's Connection anyway - and here they were all in class. I learned quite a bit in the group Q&A. The feedback on my scene work was specific and very useful and I felt like I had a good amount of individual time with them. And I'm happy to say that Joel Carleton from CGF has called me in for a meeting. Thanks so much."
-Ben Nordstrom

"It was so great to see you, Saturday. And I have to say how much I appreciate your very helpful and supportive staff. Also this particular panel was EXTRAORDINARY!!! They are all so personable and had nice chemistry among themselves as well :-) The Q and A feedback they gave us was incredibly generous. I just Loved Them! Very Grateful to you for another fantastic experience."
-Roberto De Felice


Saturday, December 2, 2017 10:45 am

Price: $279.00

The following disclaimer is provided specifically at the request of and in accordance with SAG/AFTRA: Seminars or classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent or casting director.