For most actors living in New York City, finding a good acting class is not only a way to keep fresh, it’s a way to hopefully book a commercial or land a job. Spending money on a given class can be a hard choice, because some classes offer more direct connections to casting directors and/or agents. Cheap acting classes, whether based in New York City or in any of the outer boroughs, can be found. But no matter what, talk to at least one person about your teacher to ensure your money isn’t wasted. Even if the class is cheap, it can still be good.

The Pros and Cons of Lower Cost Theater Training

You’ve heard it before: you pay for what you get. The same holds true for most classes in New York City. Show business is a big business, and there are plenty of people out there who are anxious to take advantage of your big dreams. Beware of any company, school, or teacher promising stardom. Chances are they are more interested in getting a high enrollment and the subsequent dollar return than offering real, useful instruction and feedback. When it comes to inexpensive theater classes, NYC-based actors, be warned: better to save up for a good teacher than pay quickly for little to zero return.

Actors Connection’s Seminar Package a Great Way to Take Cheap Acting Classes in New York City

One great way to take affordable acting lessons in New York City is to check out Actors Connection’s list of seminars. For only $249 per month, just a little higher than the average cell phone bill, you can have an unlimited seminar package and learn the required skills to hone your talent and launch your career. We feature a range of seminars for every skill level and technique. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with casting directors and agents and learn from professionals. The seminars offer a great way to get a feel for the trade as well as our teaching approach without breaking the bank. Most classes are available on the evenings or weekends and can easily accommodate your day job schedule.