Trying to decide on whether or not to enroll in acting school requires that you assess your goals and your options realistically. If you are able to financially commit to a program and have a way to support yourself while fully focusing on the curriculum and your training, you are in a great spot for growth as an actor as well as creating a community of like-minded artists. Before enrolling in any acting schools, New York-based especially, ask to audit a class. Any school worth attending should offer a free audit. Take the time to be a fly on the wall and observe.

Ode to the Great Theater Schools, New York, New York

What I wouldn’t give to be a time traveler. I’d go back to the early 1970’s in New York City and plant myself at The Neighborhood Playhouse, hoping for a glimpse of Diane Keaton coming and going between filming a Woody Allen movie or one of the Godfather films. With so many incredible actors who have come out of The Neighborhood Playhouse over the decades, it’s definitely a dream gig for anyone who’s had professional acting training in the heart of New York City. Famous for Sanford Meisner and the Meisner Technique, the school also offers plenty of instruction in Stanislavsky Method and beyond.


Try Our New York Acting School By Taking a Seminar

New to acting and theater school? A great way to get started is to take some seminars. Actors Connection offers a different seminar every day of the week, so it’s easy to find something to accommodate your schedule. And they are surprisingly affordable. For as little as $249 per month, you can purchase an unlimited seminar package and really get a feel for our level of instruction and programs. Our seminars help to connect you to real industry professionals and casting agents who not only teach you the ropes of acting, but can serve as valuable connections to getting that first big break.