You’ve heard the expression before: “he or she has chops.” What exactly does it take to get chops?’ Having chops’ is not just about having talent, it’s having the experience of working in the theatre, on productions that challenge you artistically and emotionally, and being a better and more versatile actor as a result. Acting in New York City is no walk in the park, and for the actors who do it, and who build a reputation as being people to watch, you can bet they have chops.’ It’s a street-smart kind of actor that New York City tends to breed after years of pounding pavement.

Looking for a Challenge? Try a Professional Acting Career

Having lived and worked as an actor in New York, I can say from personal experience that you will never know how hard it is until you try it for yourself. That said, there is an amazing community of actors, writers, directors and designers living in New York, and so if you have a true love of theatre and performance, you couldn’t ask for a better playground to skin your knees. But: your knees will not come away unscathed pursuing a career in NYC theater from what will likely include countless auditions, cattle calls, and productions that you yourself would not pay to see.

The Importance of the Insider Connection

Talent isn’t always enough to succeed as an actor in New York City. The truth is that inside, industry connections are absolutely essential if you want that talent to be seen by the people who matter. Without the proper network, your talent may bloom, but it might as well be a flower in an alley. Nobody will ever see it. Actors Connection does more than just teach you how to nurture that talent. We introduce you to the industry insiders that can help that talent get the recognition it deserve, whether on stage or on screen. Through our acting seminars, you’ll work one on one with talent scouts, agents and casting directors who professionally work and act in New York City. Get your talent the recognition it deserves with the inside connection that can help you get that big break.