These days everyone with a YouTube® account wants to be an actor. But talk to anyone in the business and they will tell you that if you are serious about acting in the United States, there are still three cities to live in: LA, Chicago, and New York. New York has always been an actor’s town thanks to the plethora of Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway theatres with a history as rich and complex as the city itself. With no shortage of quality acting classes, NYC has an undeniable heartbeat beneath its streets and sidewalks, a pulse that actors living in the city can attest to.

The Range of Theater Classes: New York City and Beyond

Most actors have seen the cult classic film “Waiting for Guffman,” in which Corky Sinclair, played by Christopher Guest, directs a cast of aspiring actors in their hometown of Blaine, Indiana (and if you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat). The film is not only an incredible showcase of comedic actors whose improvisational skills are masterful, it’s a sweet ode to the countless men and women who have tried to make it big in New York, and then left for greener pastures. It’s also a reminder that professional theater classes can provide an incredible outlet for expression and confidence building.

Actors Connection Covers the Whole Spectrum of NYC Acting Classes

Actors Connection is your go to source for launching an acting career. Our classes cover every facet of the industry, including commercials and print, film, hosting and industrials, television and theater, voice overs and auditions. We offer classes for kids and teens, as well as seminars and showcases. Check Actors Connection’s complete listing of acting courses available at our school in New York City. No matter which direction you decide to take your acting career, we’re here to get you started. We offer an eclectic line of programming so you’ll have the versatile skills it takes to succeed in this market.