If you’re thinking about enrolling in a performance based class, it’s good to do your research and settle on the kind of class that best suits your experience level. You don’t want to be in a class where you feel the other students are less experienced than you, and you also don’t want to be in a class where you feel out of your league. Most instructors teaching acting classes in a New York style will do their part ascertaining where you fall, but never misrepresent your experience. You will do yourself a disservice if you skip the basics, or fail to challenge yourself.


New York Drama: A Worthwhile Discipline

Trying to make a living, and make a life worth living, as an actor in New York can be tough. Part of the path is about staying focused and inspired, and part of the path is about staying healthy and employed, and part of the path is about working on your craft. Any actor will tell you that you will rarely go from one paid job to the next, so it’s crucial to keep your mind and body in the zone. Professional classes are not only a good idea; they are practically a prerequisite for those following the path of performing arts.


Explore the Possibilities of Actors Connection’s New York Acting Classes

Where should you begin? Start by taking a look at what Actors Connection has to offer. Our classes page details all of our upcoming drama training sessions. We offer an eclectic variety of sessions that includes something for everyone, no matter your skill level, experience, or background. If you truly aspire to pursue professional acting in New York City, this is a great place to get started. We offer single class acting workshops that are a great way to get a feel for our style of training, as well as classes that meet throughout the semester. We offer classes that will help you land your next audition, voice classes, musical theater classes, and classes that will help you score a commercial spot to get some money in your pocket. Actors Connection is the place to begin your acting career. Let’s begin.