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with Patricia Stark, Broadcast Talent Agent / Talent Coach & Trainer, Jamie Carroll, CD, Jamie Carroll Casting (HGTV) PLUS Showcase to our BIGGEST PANEL YET!

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th
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Industry Guest Testimonials

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Melissa Moss, with Melissa Moss, Freelance CD/Associate ~ Casting for the new Showtime series BILLIONS

"I just wanted to let you know I had a really good on-camera intensive yesterday. Everyone was prepared and some Guest Star level people."

-- Melissa Moss, with Melissa Moss, Freelance CD/Associate ~ Casting for the new Showtime series BILLIONS

Steve Stancato, Director of Casting Operations/Casting Director ~ Paladino Casting

"I was really impressed with the staff and really enjoyed meeting the talent at the seminar. Everyone was unique and each of them had something special to contribute as entertainers - met a versatile group of talent."

-- Steve Stancato, Director of Casting Operations/Casting Director ~ Paladino Casting

Elizabeth Berra, Casting Associate ~ Marc Hirschfeld Casting

"I always enjoy doing workshops and panels at Actors Connection. The staff and facilities are top-notch. They compile actors and industry guests from varied projects making for a lively, informative experience for all involved."

-- Elizabeth Berra, Casting Associate ~ Marc Hirschfeld Casting

Rikki Gimelstob, Associate Casting Director ~ Telsey + Company

"Thank you for having me last night at Actors Connection. I always see great people and it is run so very efficiently."

-- Rikki Gimelstob, Associate Casting Director ~ Telsey + Company

Eddie Rabon, Agent ~ Take 3 Talent Agency Inc.

"Meeting talent at NY Connection is always a treat as they've been hand-selected and received thoughtful guidance in their preparation to show themselves in the best light possible."

-- Eddie Rabon, Agent ~ Take 3 Talent Agency Inc.

Allison Shomer, Casting Associate ~ Goulder/Keller Casting

"NY Connection was a great experience for me. I was able to meet some wonderful talent in a warm, friendly and professional setting."

-- Allison Shomer, Casting Associate ~ Goulder/Keller Casting

Michael Francis, Agent ~ Leading Artists

"Had a great time at the last Legit Agent Night! It was a nice group of actors and I enjoyed and learned much from it."

-- Michael Francis, Agent ~ Leading Artists

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner ~ McCorkle Casting

"I had a wonderful time with my seminar last night at Actors Connection. The talent was exceptional and each one seemed to appreciate the feedback."

-- Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner ~ McCorkle Casting

Jim Daly, Agent ~ Bloc Talent Agency NY

"I always look forward to taking part in NY Connection events because I not only get to see new talent, but I get to interact with them and pass along feedback. I can learn a lot more about them as people throughout the process."

-- Jim Daly, Agent ~ Bloc Talent Agency NY

Jerry Kallarakkal, Agent ~ DDO Artists Agency

"I always enjoy coming to NY Connection to meet some great talent to add to my roster. Thanks for having me!"

-- Jerry Kallarakkal, Agent ~ DDO Artists Agency

Mia Cusuamano, Casting Associate ~ RJ Casting

"As a film/TV Casting Director, I am always looking for fresh, new talent. Actors Connection has been wonderful in introducing our show to some great new talent. Always professional, always reliable and always great hidden gems to be found. I have never walked away from a session without someone great to call in for an audition."

-- Mia Cusuamano, Casting Associate ~ RJ Casting

Jenna Winnett, Agent ~ Judy Boals, Inc. A Talent & Literary Agency

"I really enjoy the process of NY Connection because I get to see all actors in person and on screen. It shows a lot about an actor's work. Thank you Actors Connection for being so organized and helpful. It makes the process much more enjoyable."

-- Jenna Winnett, Agent ~ Judy Boals, Inc. A Talent & Literary Agency

Brandon Brooks, Director ~ SaintSinner Entertainment

"Thanks so much for the invite last week to Actors Connection. I had a good time and saw some amazing talent. I can't think of one of them that I wouldn't cast for upcoming projects we have in development."

-- Brandon Brooks, Director ~ SaintSinner Entertainment

Justin Busch, Agent ~ Clear Talent Group

"Thanks so much for all you do in putting these events together. I'm glad to participate any and every time you'll have me. These events are a very valuable tool in helping me find great new clients! Thanks!"

-- Justin Busch, Agent ~ Clear Talent Group

Stacy Seidel, Casting Director ~ Broadcasters

"As a Casting Director in NYC, I have been working with Actors Connection for a number of years. They have a great facility that accommodates both the actors and the industry to its highest standards. I have met many actors there and continue to bring them in for casting sessions—some of which have already booked! They offer a variety of ways to work and showcase with today's most prominent offices including the one-on-one meet and greets as well as multiple ongoing classes focusing on different mediums of the industry. Additionally, they have an amazing, warm staff and great talent to boot which always makes for a wonderful experience at Actors Connection." "

-- Stacy Seidel, Casting Director ~ Broadcasters

David McDermott, Agent ~ Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum

"I always enjoy my seminars at Actor's Connection. I find it a great way to meet potential talent. I can honestly say that the level of talent that Actor's Connection showcases has always been of the highest caliber. The structure of the seminars is a brilliant way for an actor to show themselves off. I always come away with an abundance of potential clients that I can then work on getting out on as many commercial projects as possible. I have had the pleasure of booking talent on national and regional commercials. It is always a thrill to inform a talent that I have met at a seminar that they have 'booked'."

-- David McDermott, Agent ~ Jordan, Gill and Dornbaum

Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner ~ Avalon Artists Group

"I have been attending showcases at Actors Connection for many years and have had nothing but positive experiences each and every time. The level of talent is outstanding and I have signed many actors in the past several years. Many of those have gone on to book Broadway shows, National Tours, TV and Commercial spots. The staff is very professional and accommodating and make each and every visit an absolute pleasure."

-- Craig Holzberg, Agent/Owner ~ Avalon Artists Group

Joel Carlton, Agent ~ Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent

"With it's exceptionally courteous and welcoming staff, wonderfully comfortable and well-appointed facilities, Actors Connection provides a top-notch environment in which to meet actors and new talent. I've met some sensational actors there and have happily, and to great success, added a few to our roster. I can always count on a thoroughly professional, relaxed and productive experience at Actors Connection."

-- Joel Carlton, Agent ~ Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent

Barry Shapiro, Casting Director ~ Herman-Lipson Casting

"As a Casting Director, I have found Actors Connection to be an extremely valuable source of talent. I have taught many classes and participated in many workshops there. The staff is not only efficient but warm and friendly. I have cast many actors that I have met there in the projects that I work on each week. It is crucial that every actor in New York knows about Actors Connection."

-- Barry Shapiro, Casting Director ~ Herman-Lipson Casting

Gayle Seay, Casting Director ~ Wojcik/Seay Casting

"I always love going to Actors Connection. You can rely on the staff to be courteous, smart and run a smooth session. I consistently call in talent I meet there and often times have arranged for actors to meet with agents that I have relationships with. Several are working with the talent I recommended too! I sincerely look forward to going back again and again!"

-- Gayle Seay, Casting Director ~ Wojcik/Seay Casting